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'00s Sahag's Grey Hair Before Trend - 2003

Photo: Helen Oppenheim

In 2003, the legendary John Sahag presented this gorgeous grey-haired look at a special event, Fuse, for the International Beauty Show (IBS) who haven’t seen a show like it before, or since. And I have been every year for decades. This was way before the trend for grey hair, which continues today, now more than ever. The style was just one stunning look on the theme of the show, inspired by futuristic butterflies, which fluttered and flew, all wrapped, twisted, knotted, some braided into butterfly shapes. Butterfly tattoos finished the looks with amazing extraordinary fashions by Gaelyn & Cianfarani. To see more beautiful butterflies, CLICK HERE

Hair: John Sahag, and his Team, John Sahag Workshop, 2003 … Makeup: Jun Funahashi/L’Atelier … Butterfly Tattoos: Stephanie Tomas … Fashions: Gaelyn & Cianfarani … Fashion Styling: Lisa Von Weise … Photo: Helen Oppenheim

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