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1 Presidential Wave 1980

Photo: Gregory Kitchen

For ElectionYear 1980, Vidal Sassoon elected The Presidential Wave by Barbara Mesler of the
Vidal Sassoon Barber Shop, NY.

The VS Poll interviewed its prestige Barber Shops in New York, Beverly Hills, San Francisco,
Chicago and Toronto and predicted victory in November for its Fall 1980 Men’s Campaign.

The Presidential Wave was an interesting movement, with new proportions and mood,
democratically romantic as well as classically conservative.

The rumor, widely circulated, was that the Presidential Wave , a new asymmetric symmetric
hairstyle for men sweeping the United States of America, was inspired by Vidal Sassoon’s
Soft Cubism styles, notably the Modern Marlene, which enjoyed such success during the Summer 1980 campaign.

The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) Committees may be asked to comment on this reversal of issues!

See next photo for more… 

Hair: Barbara Melser, Vidal Sassoon Barber Shop, NY, 1980
Model: Burt Kyle
Jacket and Shirt: Thierry Mugler
Photo: Gregory Kitchen

Concept/Produced by Helen Oppenheim

We had hoped Edward Kennedy, much younger then, would get the nomination when we
did this photo shoot, but he didn’t.  The campaign, photographed in my office, on a Sunday,
was a quickie and, of course, I had fun writing tongue-in-cheek!



  1. Oct 3, 2015

    Soon time to show this photo again !

  2. Nov 9, 2012

    I had a wonderful time promoting the Presidential Wave to clients and staff. Once again it was important to work closely with our technicians. It was the first time our barbers had a challenging time. At soiree night, the men’s department finally had a creative event….. Franco

    • Nov 10, 2012

      Love it. I never knew this since you were at Sassoon in Toronto. Better late than never. Thank you so much, Franco.

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