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The P-P-Puff 1981

Photo: Lorraine Sylvestre

THE P-P-PUFF – Meggan

Big,  soft, sexy, all-over volume injected with a healthy dose of fresh…air.
By Avram, Art Director, Vidal Sassoon, 1981.

First, a superb precision cut and healthy hair, said Avram at the time of this style,
taking precision cutting a step further, with the formality gone and and hair freed
of its solid form, with no hard edges.

Hair: Avram Vidal Sassoon, NY, 1981
Makeup: Mariella Smith-Masters, Beauty Bookings
HairCare/SkinCare: Vidal Sassoon Treatment Products
Earrings: Ken Begun
Model: Meggan
Photo: Lorraine Sylvestre

Produced by Helen Oppenheim

Anecdote: United Press International, one of the world’s top wire services at the time,
sent this photo all over the Americas and the world (except for UK and Germany
at our request.) A PR coup.  Interesting, how UPI wanted their own newsy tie in, I wrote the story,
at their request, they published it almost word for word.  (I should add I had a good long-term relationship relationship there, sometimes used to go into their offices and type away…) 

They wrote: “In honor of the recent engagement of Britain’s Prince Charles –
who may in the future become King Charles III – Avram of Vidal Sassoon,
New York, has created this new hair shape.  It’s inspired by an old photo of
King Charles II. According to Sassoon’s “The look is big and sexy, the effect
airy, with carefully cut-up hair flicking and flirting around the silhouette.”
Avram explains: “The hair is cut aerially.  It is layered superficially with all ends
wisped for a soft new look, and is cut in a C-shape (for Charles) around the
cheekbone, giving extra openness when worn down.”  And says Avram, “Many
of our newest looks are refreshingly long.”

(King Charles II did have hair similar and we hope you like the C-shape (for Charles.)


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