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HighHair 1980 - Up

Photo: Lorraine Sylvestre

HighHair 1980
Crimp Updo
Sassooning for Evening 

For dreamy nights out, this cloud-like HighHair vision by Avram, Vidal Sassoon, NY
was pure romance.

There is no teasing  A rat or soft, lightweight form is pinned inside the crimped hair
on the heavier side to give that flattering, pretty height.

For color photos of this look, see photos 16 and 17 in this Album.


Avram, Vidal Sassoon, NY, 1980
HairCare: Vidal Sassoon Treatment Products
Makeup: Ted Nadel
Magritte-Inspired Candles/Art: Avram
Plexishelves: Plexability
Model: Danielle, Filor Agency
Photo: Lorraine Sylvestre

Concept/Produced by Helen Oppenheim

Anecdote:  I saw Sassooning for Evening as a new night lifestyle for
The Eighties.  Hair Art, the Sassoon way – simple, versatile, pretty, functional, fashionable
but it wasn’t meant to be …




  1. Oct 15, 2012

    I love it too. It is a very beautiful photo, great hair. The model is beautiful too.

  2. Oct 15, 2012

    I love the hard and soft of this photo so much…….

    The artistic detail……..though simple is one of the best photos in my opinion…….

    Love it!!!

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