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2 Femme Fatale 1971

Photo by Klaus Lucka

Femme Fatale

Here is another and perhaps the most interesting version of Raphael’s Femme Fatale Collection.
Flicks flick at the front.

Raphael said at the time that variation on the Femme Fatale cut could
go on and on.   Wear it covering (or half-covering) the forehead, wear it classically straight,
with side part or middle part, maybe one side flicked, somewhere. Wear it this way,
that way, maybe that way, or that…  See some variations in the next photos.

Hair by Raphael Santarossa, 1971
Makeup: Jacques LaFleur
Model: Judi MacDonald
Photo: Klaus Lucka

Produced by Helen Oppenheim

Anecdote: Hard to believe, but this lovely model had extremely fine hair and the
brilliant Raphael somehow managed to make it look like thick hair.


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