Quiz – HOT by Hair’s How – 2013 from 1979

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Quiz by  HOT by Hair’s How on hair history. Do you know yours? Check link

soft Cubism

Link to blog post >Link to quiz >

The result is at the end.

Thank you Jeryl Spear for a brilliant idea.  For more hot stuff,  check www.HOT.HairsHow.us




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Calling all hairdressers.  Why do many hairdressers, even top and famous ones, know so little about cowlicks? So many just don’t care about them.   If  you have cowlicks, you will know that they need to be loved, not ignored.


Irina by John Sahag – 1987

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Irina by John Sahag - 1987

Photo: Roland Levin

The Manhattan Skyline at night inspired the cut and the color for this versatile look by the legendary John Sahag on Siberian-born, world-famous model, Irina Pantaeva.  To see the amazing front view and variations plus a how-to, go to HairThen, John Sahag, Press Photos, Irina on www.helenoppenheim.com

Hair Concept/Cut: John Sahag, The John Sahag Workshop … Hair Color: Dario Arias … Fashion Styling: Lisa von Weise … Fashions: Elisa Jimenez/The Hunger World … Gloves: Naomi Misle … Model: Irina /Ford … Photo: Roland Levin … Produced by Helen Oppenheim



Photographing Fashion Week Backstage – 2013

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Photographing Fashion Week Backstage - 2013

Captured by Janet Pytowski photographing backstage at Mara Hoffman during Mercedes-Benz NY Fall Fashion Week 2013.  This was just before my camera started playing games with me.  Fortunately, I got a few shots in before.  You can see them – and photos from the other shows I managed to stay backstage long enough to get the photos I needed –  when I post my Fall 2013 photos, later.  Have to wait until they are published.  Although I am thinking of a way to post earlier.  Stay tuned …

Just so’s you know, it is not easy to get in backstage to photo, I can’t always stay through First Looks or, better for more space, through the show backstage, and I try to only photo interesting hair, not ponytails, which so many designers offer, including some major ones. Also, I give a full page per show so, unless I think I can get the photos I need, I don’t cover the show.


Collage by Pascalain Gianello – 2013

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Collage by Pascalain Gianello - 2013

Collage by Pascalain Gianello

I don’t know how he did it, but Pascalain Gianello made a collage incorporating my whole bio from this website.  He makes amazing and unique collages of people in the hair and other worlds and I am hoping he’ll add some more pages with some of the photos from www.helenoppenheim.com


Fall Fashion Week Sneak Peek – 2013

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Fall Coming Soon - 2013

Photo: Helen Oppenheim

Fall Fashion Week albums coming later.  This sneak peek from the Douglas Hannant show with a ’50s faux page by Edward Tricomi, Warren-Tricomi Salons, a glam ’50s face with a double liner at the ends of the eyes and the perhaps best lips of the week by Jason Hoffman for Nars. Watch the Fashion Week menu on www.helenoppenheim.com for a unique look at hair and makeup, some with how-tos.

However, I must admit, sorry guys, but very few hairdressers did anything new and exciting in New York.  We have to wonder why so much so ordinary, and why the press accept so many ponytails and everyday hair as trendy newsworthy hair – again.


Chic Punk – 1977

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Photo: Lorraine Sylvestre

The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute exhibition due May 9  to August 14, 2013 is going to make punk hot again.  Not that it ever really went away.   I dread to think how some punk hair cuts will ruin many a lovely face!    Rooney Mara (“The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”) will be one of the co-chairs. Wonder if she will cut her now long hair to a punk style again?

Fashion is another story.  Punk. Chaos to Couture will examine punk’s impact from its birth In the 1970s through its continuing influence on high fashion today.

There will be approximately 100 designs for men and women, by all the usual suspects.  Original punk garments from the mid-1970s will be juxtaposed with recent, directional fashion showing how pailettes were replaced by safety pins, feathers by razor blades, bugle beads by studs.  Presented as an immersive multimedia, multisensory experience, the clothes will be animated with period music videos and soundscaping audio techniques.

Organized thematically, gallery sections will include Rebel Heroes, Pavillions of Anarchy and Elegance, Punk Couture, D.I.Y.  Style, La Mode Destroy, all organized by my favorite Curator, Andrew Bolton. Guido Palau will design all mannequin head treatments and masks.

Hair here by Elmer Olsen, La Coupe 1977
Models: Sherry Diekrager and Elmer Olsen
Photo: Lorraine Sylvestre

For more on this chic punk-influenced hairstyle, go to HairThen, La Coupe, 70s Hair, Toronto Collection, Photo 10, on helenoppenheim.com – and watch out punk influences everywhere…



Valentine’s Day Inspiration from 20s – 1993

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Happy Valentine's Day - 1993

Photo: David Webber

Vintage barrettes decorate here and there on this ’20s flapper bob by Kim Lepine, created at a La Coupe Creative Evening in 1993.  Inspiration for Valentine’s Day 2013.  More, HairThen, 90s, La Coupe Creative Evening on www.helenoppenheim.com

Hair: Kim Lepine, La Coupe … Makeup: Barbara Sansone … Gloves: Naomi Misle … Photo: David Webber.