Helmut Newton Book, Beach – 1984

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Helmut Newton Book, Beach - 1984

Photo: © Helmut Newton

Photo from Helmut Newton’s provocative book, World Without Men, published in 1984.  On the beach at Cannes for French Vogue, 1981.  Witty eroticism with fashionably underdressed beach beauties, one in this great hat.  More on this photo and more  from Newtonland,  go to Icons on www.helenoppenheim

Hat: Jean Barthet … Coat: Revillon …  Swimsuit: Yvan & Marzia …  Model left: Tara Shannon … Photo: © Helmut Newton



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WHY? Grey Beards

Why do so many men dye and cover their gray hair yet leave their beards grey?  OMG, some even have a grey moustache too.  Either shave them off, guys, or dye  the beard and moustache too.  Don’t you know a grey beard ages you about 20 years when it is not necessary?!  And it looks ugh – dark hair, white beard. Sigh.  I am amazed how many otherwise  intelligent men are blind to this grooming boo boo. Better to be all grey, if groomed, and the beard isn’t Santa Claus long. Or dye everything.   Add Why? to Search for some more good stuff about this and that …


Harry King – WorldGreat 1977

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Harry King, WorldGreat - 1977

Photo: © Richard Avedon

“No one had ever twisted and wisped hair before for Vogue,”  said freelance hairstylist, Harry King of this 1977 photo in which hair was twisted up in charming and still modern ways.

This famous Richard Avedon American Vogue photo of  Patti Hansen was one of five Harry King photos featured in the “Vogue Book of Fashion Photography” by Polly Delvin, 1919-1979.  For more Harry King, go to WorldGreats on www.helenoppenheim.com

Hair: Harry King …  Makeup: Way Bandy … Styled by Polly Mellen for Vogue … Model: Patti Hansen … Photo: © Richard Avedon


50s Glam @ Badgley Mischka – Spring 2012

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50s Glam @ Badgley Mischka - Spring 2012

Photo: © Helen Oppenheim

Photographed Backstage at the Spring 2012 Badgley Mischka NY Fashion Week show, these two beauties by Peter Gray show off ’50s glam hair with high voluminous teased tops and foam-padded French Twists in graceful shiny shapes.  For more versions, how-to’s, go to NY Fashion Week, Spring 2012 on www.helenoppenheim.com

Peter Gray really does his research.  These winners were inspired by Liz Taylor in Virginia Woolf (1966)… Rosalind Russell in Auntie Mame (1958)… Jane Wyman and Rock Hudson in “Written on the Wind” (1955.)  That’s James Mishka in the background to the right.

Hair: Peter Gray for Moroccanoil …Makeup: Tom Pecheux for MAC … Models left, Simona Andrejic (Marilyn)… right, Aline Baikova (Next) … Photo: Helen Oppenheim


Romantic Waves @ Nanette Lepore – Fall 2010

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Romantic Waves Nanette Lepore - Fall 2010

Photos & Collage: © Helen Oppenheim

How to get long romantic waves cascading down the back, to last?  Take a look at Esther Langham”s Renaissance-inspired waves photographed backstage the Nanette Lepore Fall 2010 Mercedes-Benz NY Fashion Week Show.

They were beautifully engineered to last through the  rehearsal – and through the show – which not all waves like this do at Fashion Week shows (!) and I’m sure they lasted a lot longer. Esther cleverly took the trouble to put the hair up in a few rollers – after having waved the hair.   Helped by Moroccanoil Mix Intense Curl Crème, Oil Treatment, Luminous Hair Spray, Glimmer Shine Spray,  (I’ve never seen models so interested in a product at a NY Fashion Week show – Model, Brianna, was here, and many  models actually lined up for free products after this show, early days for Moroccanoil, now famous for the best shine in the biz.) More versions, how-to’s from this great show with great fashions as well as great hair, go to NY Fashion Weelk Fall 2010 on www.helenoppenheim.com

Hair: Esther Langham using Moroccanoil … Makeup: Makky for MAC Cosmetics… Photos: © Helen Oppenheim


Warren-Tricomi’s New Downtown Salon – 2013

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Spoof For Warren-Tricomi's New Downtown Salon - 2013

Photos: © Roxanne Lowit

Shaving Cream “hair” design rising up to there looks good enough to eat for a dessert.  It’s finger-foamed with shaving cream – food coloring strategically, subtly and stunningly added.

Part of Edward Tricomi’s Spoof Series, these photos spoof fancy conditioners, and were created for the new Warren-Tricomi Salon Opening, downtown, at 19th Street and 5th Avenue, September 17, 2013.  Love the sophistication, the fun of the idea.

“Hair” : Edward Tricomi, Warren-Tricomi Salons … Makeup: Eva Kim … Gowns: Anne Bowen … Photo: © Roxanne Lowit

Three partners make Warren-Tricomi so successful – Edward Tricomi, Master Stylist with his rapid-fire cutting and superb taste, Joel Warren, Master Colorist, inventor of many new coloring techniques, Roxanne Pintelle, the biz whiz and driving force behind every facet of the business.

Warren-Tricomi Salons are also at The Plaza Hotel NYC … 1117 Madison Avenue NYC … Greenwich, Connecticut  … W Hotel, Miami Beach … West Hollywood … East Hampton , NY … Red Bank, NJ.    For more info: info@warrentricomi.com  and www.warrentricomi.com


Sleeper, Decorated Wave Clips – 1975

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Sleeper - 1975

Photo:©  Serge Beauchemin

Do you know your hair history?  Here is the first use of the crimper in the modern era and first use of decorated wave clips as a hair accessory, ever.  This is from La Coupe’s famous Sleeper Collection, 1975.  For more Sleepers, wave clips and The Sleeper Narrative, go to HairThen, La Coupe, 70s on www.helenoppenheim.com

Hair: Elmer Olsen, La Coupe … Wave Clip: La Coupe … Makeup: Electa, Electa & Corrado … Gown/Scarf: Leo Chevalier … Model: Oksana Dykj  …Location: The Royal Suite, Chateau Champlain Hotel, Montreal … Photo: © Serge Beauchemin.   Produced/Concept/Fashion Styling: Helen Oppenheim


Sleeper – 1975

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Sleeper - 1975

Photo: © Serge Beauchemin

Do you know your Hair History?  Hair bigger than big, and wide, very wide. With a new texture, thanks to an old crimping machine.  First use of crimping machine in the modern era. By Elmer Olsen, La Coupe, Montreal – in 1975.  For more Sleepers, an iconic Collection, see www.helenoppenheim.com/ La  Coupe, HairThen, 70s.

Hair Crimped by Elmer Olsen, who discovered a 50 year old crimper in his Grandmother’s attic .. Makeup:  Electa, Electa & Corrado … Fashion: Renato Balestra Couture Gown, Holt Renfrew, Montreal … Model: Rudy Maciukas … Photo: © Serge Beauchemin … Concept/Produced by Helen Oppenheim