George Karkoulas – ’80s

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George Karkoulas - '80s

Photo: John Wild

Two beautiful photos from the 80s of George Karkoulas muse, Danielle Carbonneau – she was meant to look like Joan Colliins.  And she did.

George Karkoulas was an extraordinary, one-of-a-kind  talented hair artist who worked first in Montreal then in Toronto but he didn’t live long enough for the world to recognize his great and original talent.  I loved him.  He worked with the lovely Danielle on many photos over the years, some of which you can see in the album of George’s work from about 1983 to 1992.  Visit WorldGreats on  (Check out his smashing sketches too.)

Hair: George Karkoulas, Toronto, Canada …  Model: Danielle Carbonneau … Photo: © John Wild


Edward “Scissorhands” Tricomi – 2011

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Edward "Scissorhands" Tricomi

Photo: Edward Tricomi’s Assistant

Edward Tricomi, also known as Edward Scissorhands for his signature cutting technique, like no other, is seen in action here making magic  as he cuts blue hair in 2011 during a very classy promotion, in the window of a famous Department Store on Madison Avenue. I am seeing more and more colored hair – and multi-colored strands – on the street, everywhere, and colored hair is really happening, even into mainstream America.  It’s been decades trending but never  caught on as it is right now.  For more Edward Tricomi of Warren-Tricomi Salons, visit WorldGreats on


Sensuous, Ezel, Piel, Vogue – 1985

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Senuous, Ezel, Piel, Vogue - 1985

Photo: © Denis Piel

Love this side view photo. It is so, um, sensuous . And It is one of the very best sides views ever taken for hair.  So much more alive and gorgeous than a static boring sideview.  The hair in this  great Denis Piel photo, by WorldGreat Ezel,  was for Vogue, in 1985,  and is as modern today as way back then. The model Claire Hogan and makeup by Margaret Avery also helped make this a magic photo, and  that great pearl choker, the earrings, the fashion styling.  Everything works.  For more Ezel, then and now, visit WorldGreats on

Hair: Ezel, Bumble and bumble … Makeup: Margaret Avery … Model: Claire Hogan …  Photo: © Denis Piel



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Why do so many wear their hair behind their ears?  It suits and works for some, but is all too often downright unflattering. Not as sexy as most think for many. I used to wear my hair behind both of my ears –  until I looked at myself in a shop window one day, and thought, omg, I wear my hair like this to work, to walk, to eat – because I couldn’t see with hair in my eyes.  And it just didn’t suit me. At all.   Solution?  Bangs.  Even half bangs.  I never have to wear my hair behind my ears anymore.  And my hair looks more modern than an all-one-length style.  Take note, hair falling all over the face may look great with a hairdresser hovering over you in the salon or in a photograph, but the look doesn’t work for living a beautiful life day in and day out. – and being able to see.  (For more WHY? blogs, put WHY? in Search above right.)


Smash Show Spain, New Album – 1978

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Smash Show Spain, New Album - 1978

Photo: Courtesy Peluquerias Magazine

New Album, just up, La Coupe’s smash show in 1978, for the Luis Llongueras Jornados Internacional in Barcelona, Spain, was in front of some 2,000 people and was a very heady experience, a huge success, with a standing ovation at the end.

Here, a veil is being added to a Pillbox Hat Chignon, by La Coupe’s Josephine Saran. No pins.  The audience went wild over this.

For more, check Smash Show Spain and for how-to’s on Pillbox  Chignon, go to HairThen, La Coupe, 70s, Hat Chigons on


Color Magic by John Sahag – 1986

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Color Magic by John Sahag - 1986

Photo: Lorraine Sylvestre

1986.  Color Magic.  By John Sahag, John Sahag Workshop.  Classy.  Contemporary.  Playful.  Provocative.  “The cut was cut with the color in mind.  The color was colored with the cut in mind. Then colored.  Colored some more.  Cut again.  Both cut and color details were asymmetric. The most exciting nape color and cut idea to be designed yet!”  For more details, HairThen, John Sahag, Press Photos, Gina on

Hair: John Sahag, John Sahag Workshop with Color by Sharon Dorram with John Sahag …  Makeup: Linda Mason … Dress: Thierry Mugler, IF SoHo … Earrings: Artwear … Model: Gina, Faces … Photo: Lorraine Sylvestre …  Produced by Helen Oppenheim


Emmys Hair Snooze – 2013

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Emmys Snooze - 2013

Christina Hendricks Photo:

In no particular order, my impression of the 2013 Emmys.  Kind of boring, a snooze …  Standouts – Sofia Vergara’s big boobs almost bursting out of her Vera Wang dress, but her long long blonder hair  (extensions) only worked backview …red red lips (big trend for Fall) made all who wore them look  instantly more exciting and alive  and everyone else drab … Robin Williams and his white tie actually worked  … Jon Hamm’s hair and  beard too black (bad dye job Jon) and what was that kind of contrived quiff? … Anna Gunn’s low nape chignon wasn’t bad, not as great as her dress though, better side than front view … Tina Fey’s hair, forget the style but it  was super shiny, as was the hair of many more than usual (a good night for Moroccanoil?) … Jeff Daniels chewing gum or whatever during his acceptance speech (how tacky can you get?) … Bobby Cannavale’s acceptance speach for his violent role in “Boardwalk Empire” woke me up  … as did the Comedy Writers nomination sequence … Love Jimmy Fallon, always love Jimmy Fallon … He should have been hosting (Neal Patrick Harris not funny or interesting) …Clare Danes with her faux shiny bob and red lips looked better than  usual … Maria Menounos, hair rising up at front and her fishtail … Damian Lewis of Homeland bald, all that lovely red hair gone, don’t know why (do you?)  … Elizabeth Moss and her too blonde too short behind the ear shortie didn’t look like Elizabeth Moss … Heidi Klum in a great Versace  dress, something kind of interesting at the back of her hair, but dark roots is all I remember … Will Ferrell , with 3 kids in tow,  giving the most prestigious awards thumbing his nose at everything and everyone was very funny but way out of line dressed in dreadful  weekend schmutters,  even tackier than Jeff Daniels … Christina Hendricks of “Mad Men” was a waving beauty, better shorter, good length. January Jones also waved it.  The rest were forgettable … The hairdressers who do the hair for these award shows do boooorrring work.    But the stars don’t want much either, it would seem.  Are they scared of Joan Rivers?!!  Why can’t someone have some creative imagination? Even an interesting hair detail would be better than the nothing hair at this year’s Emmys.  And too many weren’t even well done.  I kept thinking I should have watched “Foyle’s War” on PBS … Sigh.


Magritte Now Up – 1926-1938

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Magritte Now Up - 1926-1938

Photo: Helen Oppenheim

Magritte: the Mystery of the Ordinary (1926-1938)  is a must-see exhibit at MoMA, in New York from September 28 – January 12, 2014.  See 26  photos now up on my website  to inspire and intrigue

Here is La Reproduction interdite/Not to be Reproduced, Brussels, 1937.  The man is looking at himself in the mirror.  Instead of reflecting the face, he shows him (and us) his back.
Photo: Helen Oppenheim

For more info, visit  The exhibit opens in Houston at the Menil, February 14 – June 1 and at the Art Institute of Chicago June 22 to October 12, 2014.  The Book, Magritte: ‘the Mystery of the Ordinary with 225 color illustration is available at MoMA stores and online at