Happy New Year 2014

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Happy Happy New Year 2014



Happy Happy

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Happy Holidays

Illustration: © George Karkoulas


Dancing Hair by Kim Lepine – 1987

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Dancing Hair by Kim Lepine - 1987

Photo: © Geoffrey-Hargrave Thomas

A stunning holiday look with Kim Lepine’s version of Dancing Hair from the 1987 La Coupe Boudoir Hair  Collection.  Can be worn with almost any hair, short, long or an updo.    False hair was twisted and twirled to wrap around the head in four beautifully blended color combinations – here in ambers, oranges, rusts, browns.  Or could be one matching hair color.   For more from this Collection, La Coupe, HairThen, ’80s on www.helenoppenheim.com

Hair: Kim Lepine, La Coupe, 1987 … Wig: Claire Accuhair … Color: Rita Starnella … Makeup: Nadiya Nottingham … Fasion Styling: Aleta Wolf-Gentile … Décor: Dennis Abbé … Model: Tracy Haren … Photo: Geoffrey Hargrave Thomas.  Produced by Helen Oppenheim


Helen With Some Hair WorldGreats – 2013

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Helen With Some Hair WorldGreats - 2013

Collage: helenoppenheim.com

Here I am out and about in 2013, a very lucky lady, with some of the top, best, greatest hair WorldGreats of our era. Top left: With Edward Tricomi at the opening of his new downtown Warren-Tricomi Salon … Top center: With Peter Gray backstage at Badgley Mischka’s Spring 2014 NY Fashion Week show … Top right: Peter Gray with signature comb in mouth, Helen laughing her head off at goodness knows what as he applies  Morrocanoil Root Boost magic.  Center left: With Kim Lepine at a La Coupe 2013 bridge-mending reunion … Center right: With Ezel (center) and Harry King (right) at Harry’s 2013 annual ’70s/’80s reunion party … Bottom left: With Charles Booth, owner of La Coupe Salons 1967 to 1993  at the reunion …Bottom right: With Oribe of Oribe Hair Products and Salon  after the Fall Intercoiffure Gala Event – the  next WorldGreat to come on the website.

You can see their innovative, inspirational wonderful work on the website.  Edward Tricomi, Peter Gray, Ezel, Harry King on WorldGreats … Peter Gray and Edward Tricomi also on NY Fashion Weeks … For Charles Booth and Kim Lepine go to HairThen La Coupe 60s-90s … and Oribe is to coming soon, stay tuned … to www.helenoppenheim.com

Photos: With Edward Tricomi by David Christopher Lee/Destination Luxury … With Peter Gray by David Webber


Cool Half a Billion Dollar Hairdo – 2013

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Cool Half a Billion Dollar Hairdo - 2013

Collage: helenoppenheim.com

Harold Leighton sure knows how to work it. In 1970, while Creative Director at Harrods Beauty Salon in London, his hair was featured in an ad for Laurance Graff scattering  jewels all over “The Million Dollar Hair Do.”

Cut to 2013.  To celebrate his 60th year as Founder and Chairman, Graff has reproduced Leighton’s hair idea for an ad campaign featuring probably the most expensive hairdo ever –  with a “cool half a billion dollars’ worth of Graff Diamonds.” The ad, featuring 22 of the best baubles is now running everywhere, like in The New York Times and Wall Street Journal Sunday Magazines, and on the cover of Leighton’s local magazine, Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach, Florida.  See the 2013 photo right, the Leighton 1970 version top left, the current 2013 ad left center, the December 2013 Avenue Magazine cover bottom left.
To make your mouth water further, you can drool over the Graff Promotional Video for the half-billion dollar hairdo with the diamonds and jewels in big close up – click here  

Photo 2013 … Hair: Eamon Hughes, Model: Dalia Gunther, Photo: David Slijper…
Jewels: Graff Diamonds
Photo 1970 … Hair: Harold Leighton, Photo: Vic Singh …
Jewels: Laurence Graff



American Hustle, The Movie With Hair – 2013/14

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American Hustle, The Movie with Hair - 2013/4

Collage: helenoppenheim.com

American Hustle, David O. Russell’s movie taking place in the ’70s and early ’80s has plenty of hair interest!  There’s a darker Bradley Cooper with very curly hair, caught on camera with his pink rollers (Oscar?) Amy Adams (Oscar?) also makes an appearance with very curly hair.  Jennifer Lawrence wears mostly messy blonde wigs and is said to steal the picture (Oscar?)  Jeremy Renner goes for some high roll action on top with a pompadour.  But the one we must all admire is Christian Bale, who doesn’t look anything like Christian Bale here.  Not only has he put on some 50 lbs for his role but he has actually shaved some of his very thick hair on top and wears one of those awful comb-overs no one should ever wear (Oscar?) Hair and makeup for the men often took 3 hours daily, the women less. Amy Adams and Christian Bale change their hair, often.  Lots of buzz about this Colombia/Sony Pictures movie with flashy fashions as well as big hair interest, opening December 13 with limited release, the week after nationwide.  Click here for the official trailer 

Photos top left to right: Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Adams, Christian Bale, Jeremy Renner in Sony Picture Promo photos, also bottom far right.   2nd  Row, left to right, Bradley Cooper (fashionpaths.com) …Amy Adams (hitflix.com) … Bale and Adams (TheWrap.com) … Jeremy Renner (dailymail.co.uk)  …   Bottom row left to right: Bradley Cooper (radaronline.com) …  Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams (Sony Pictures) … Christian Bale (dailymail.co.uk)



John Sahag Color Mix – 1985

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John Sahag Color Mix - 1985

Photo: © Bruno Gaget

An updo pile-up, a color mix way before hair colors were being mixed this way, from Now Magazine, probably around 1985.  Perfect balance.  Very harmonious. Very Sahag.  For a great John Sahag interview, view this 1997 video on hair color, click here  Photo 12 on  HairThen, John Sahag Editorials on www.helenoppenheim.com

Hair: John Sahag, John Sahag Workshop … Makeup: Michel Voyski …  Model: Rachel Ward/Click …  Photo (Detail) : © Bruno Gaget


Vivienne Mackinder, WorldGreat – 2010-2013

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 Vivienne Mackinder, WorldGreat – 2010-2013

Photo: © Julia Pogodina

New album just up, a new WorldGreat on the Archives.   Vivienne Mackinder, the award-winning hairdresser’s hairdresser, one of the most prolific talents in the world today.  Photos, Shows. Education. Inspiration.  Innovation.

Here’s one of her 20012 Kool Kids, inspired by the incredible plumage of exquisite roosters and chickens, and Japanese cult-like street trends.    In collaboration with Sue Pemberton, wefts of hair were freehand painted and pinned to the hair for a colorific effect – flamboyant, bright and bold enough to stand out at any club.

For more colorifics, cuts, crimps, dresswork, braiding and brides, click WorldGreats 

Hair: Vivienne Mackinder … Hair Color: Sue Pemberton … Makeup: David Maderich … Fashion Stylist: David Widjaja …  Photo: Julia Pogodina