World Cup Soccer Hair Scores – 2014

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World Cup Soccer Hair Scores - 2014

Photo Collage by

The men’s hair at the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil scores. And how. Here’s just a few picks which should inspire many out there.

Top Left to Right: Superstar hearthrob Cristiano Ronaldo with a different look each day Portugal played, with fades and parts, the two biggest looks the men sported and one day zig zags, gone the next day … Brazil’s 22 year old exciting-to-watch superstar, Neymar, also with a different look – and color – each day Brazil played (and more looks probably to come)

Second Row, Left to Right: Ronaldo on Day One … France’s 6′ 4″ top scorer, Pogba, back view and side view, very inventive … More Neymar and with Dani Alves now dyed almost a grey)

Third Row: Argentina’s Messi, because he is a real artist … A Nigerian player … a player from Ghana … Parts here, there, everywhere …  and here’s two ideas, one, on Vidal, more radical … Hair spiking up to there on this player from France and more subtly on gorgeous Michael Ballack, ex German soccer superstar now giving analysis for ESPN …

Bottom Row: Couldn’t resist just a few socks, mismatched shoes and shoes in general.   With thanks to both ESPN and ABC for their amazing camerawork and direction from whom I captured all the photos here except the zig zag one on Ronaldo, photographer unknown.

Hot Hair: Parts here, there, everywhere … fades or tight, close-to-the-head sides, short hair, often rising up, and strategic color making an appearance, all are big news for men from the World Cup for 2014.

Note on the quality of the photos. Not all good. I know. Taken with three cameras – Canon Elph Power Point and iPhone, better ones with Canon 5D. It is not easy to catch the moment with the right hair angle.


Google Glasses For Cool Ones – 2014

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Google Glasses For Cool Ones - 2014

Photo: Helen Oppenheim

Google Glasses, according to the June 28-29 Weekend issue of The Wall Street Journal Off Duty Page One article, are going to make an impact during the tourist season. They are available now (“on and off”) through Google, Diane Von Furstenberg, Net-A-Porter, at a cost of some $1,500 but the official launch is expected only in several months. Expect them to drop in price as they become more readily available and perhaps even give the smart phone some competition, one day. After all, you can take a photo with this heady smart phone, get directions, find a restaurant, look totally cool to those who know, and not look like a tourist to those who do not.

Google Glasses worn here by Victoria Gamien, Director of Marketing,, photographed for my Seen on Scene Blog, Day 4, at the Lincoln Center during the Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week for Fall 2014.

Photo: Helen Oppenheim


Barbie Venetian Masque Eye – 2009

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Barbie Venetian Masque Eye - 2009

Photo: Helen Oppenheim

One of the eyes for the Barbie NY Fashion Week show for Fall 2009 was this Venetian Masque Eye with feathers and sequins. This was an eye for the Future segment, by the great Charlotte Tilbury for Stila. Wow!

Eye: Charlotte Tilsbury for Stila … Photo: Helen Oppenheim


Buzz Buzz. Gisele Bundchen’s New Crop – 2014

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Buzz Buzz. Gisele Bundchen's New Crop – 2014

Photo: Steven Klein

OMG, what has supermodel Gisele Bundchen done with her glorious tresses?   She has buzzed them off, that’s what. The new buzz cut can be seen in the new Balenciaga ad for Alexander Wang. I think she will regret this crop. It is, in my opinion, unflattering and her face needed the great hair she had. Or the great hair she will grow from this edgy but ugly shorn style.   Watch for some new short hairstyles as Gisele’s hair grows … Unless this is a brilliant Photoshop manipulation or a clever wig, as suggested in   Whichever, Gisele Bundchen, Alexander Wang and Balanciaga will get lots of exposure for their latest ad campaign.     For more on the supermodel’s new look, click the Daily Mail article by Erin Clements

Hairstyled by Anthony Turner … Photo by Steven Klein
(The more I look at it and the more I think about it, I think this may well be a brilliant Photoshop crop – and supercool idea!)

Gisele is at the World Cup, July 13,  2014, with her long hair.  So definitely not cut.


John Sahag Abstract Hair @ Issey Miyake – 1996

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John Sahag Abstract Hair @ Issey Miyake – 1996

Photo Left: Franco Rossi … Photo Right: Neal Fenkell Harris

Tiny braids as never seen before, John Sahag’s abstract hair, photographed at the Issey Miyake Spring/Summer 1996 Fashion Week show in Paris. The hair included unusual knots, add-ons, take-off wired, bendable hairpieces (“like vines”) often with sections floating in the air. For more on this show, and Sahag’s wonderful words, read under each photo, scroll back and forth, click here.

Hair: John Sahag, John Sahag Workshop, NY … Hair Photo: Neal Fenkell Harris … Fashion Photo: Franco Rossi


New Album Up – Guy, My Man

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New Album Up - Guy,My Man

Photo: Helen Oppenheim

Just put up a new album. Guy, my husband, over the years, from a 3 year old to now, often with me. He is one a kind, and a man of the world. Speaks French (his Mother tongue), Italian and English fluently, and also speaks other languages, like Spanish. He has an ear for languages.  Whichever country we travel to, he knows a few words. He even started to learn Japanese at one time, and Chinese. Even if he knows a few words, he speaks them perfectly. Unlike me! I have no ear for languages. His love over many moons has allowed me to do all I do, he always supported me, and we laugh a lot.  Here is Guy, pronounced the French way, at the Léger Museum, Biot, South of France. To see the album, click 

Photo: Helen Oppenheim


Helmut Newton Man-Woman Ambiguity – 1979

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 Helmut Newton Man-Woman Ambiguity - 1979

Photo: © Helmut Newton

“This man-woman ambiguity has always fascinated me,” wrote Helmut Newton about this 1979 photograph for French Vogue, just one of the extraordinary famous, provocative photos in his 1984 book, Women Without Men.”

Newton often photographed men and women together, only the men are women dressed up as men. “The illusion must be as perfect as possible, to try and confuse the reader,” the controversial photographer said at the time.

More Helmut Newton, click: 

Photo: © Helmut Newton for French Vogue …  (The famous SuperModel, Gia Carangi, is on the right, Robin Olser on the left.)


Emotional Crowds @ World Cup – 2014

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Emotional Crowds @ World Cup – 2014

Collage by

Love the emotional crowds watching their countries score or miss a goal at FIFA’s World Cup in Brazil. Here are just a few of the amazing reaction shots and nationalistic get-ups captured by great camera people, editors and directors for ESPN and ABC.  More to come from this exciting, World Cup Soccer event like no other, just starting to get even more enthralling as each day passes with more knock-outs and more emotion.  Stay tuned here for you know what  …