Loulou de la Falaise Gamine by Harry King – 1976

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Loulou de la Falaise Gamine by Harry King -  1976

Photo: © Scavullo

Loulou de la Falasie, the French style Icon and muse to Yves Saint Laurent, influenced fashion with her flair and original chic in the ’70s and ’80s. A new book called “Loulou de la Falaise” by Ariel de Ravenel and Natasha Fraser-Cavassoni which celebrates her life, daring style, unique fashion perspective and has over 400 images and is due out in October, published by Rizzoli

In 1976, Harry King cut this gamine on LouLou for the “Scavullo Beauty” book . He remembers: “This super chic lady arrived and wanted my cut.” For more by WorldGreat Harry King, click here, scroll back and forth:

Hair: Harry King … Makeup: Way Bandy … Photo: © Scavullo


Curls Like Fluffy Clouds, Peter Gray – 2012

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Curls Like Fluffy Clouds, Peter Gray – 2012

Photos: © Helen Oppenheim … Collage by helenoppenheim.com

Time for curly curls again. Love them. And time for some hairstyles on the NY Fashion Week runways that work to photograph, front view.  Please. These, by Peter Gray for the gorgeous Badgely Mischka’s NY Fashion Week Fall 2012 show, were inspired by the 1927 German Expressionist cult film “Metropolis” directed by Fritz Lang.

Everyone can be inspired by this fluffy curly cloud look with a big, soft, multi-dimensional shape and random curls loosely pulled then backcombed in unexpected places with a deep wave at the front blended into the fluffy texture.   Click here for more versions and, if you don’t have naturally curly hair, detailed how to’s: 

Hair: Peter Gray using Moroccanoil … Makeup: Tom Pecheux for MAC … Photos: Helen Oppenheim


SuperStar Wisp Cut A Hit – 1977

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 SuperStar Wisp Cut A Hit - 1977

Photo: Lorraine Sylvestre

Wisps of hair whispered on the forehead and cheek of this La Coupe SuperStar in 1977 – in ways never seen before, when long hair was one length, with few if any layers and no wisps.

On the way to top of the charts, this innovative style became a hit and could be worn in many lengths. Jerome Pinsonneault of La Coupe, Toronto said of the then very new innovation – “Wisp Cutting involved conducting the points of scissors in new ways, cutting hair by hair, and then carefully blending the wisps into the rest of the hair. For more versions and how-to, click here: 

Hair by : Jerome Pinsonneault, La Coupe Toronto … Makeup: Electa & Corrado …  Model: Kim Chi … Photos : Lorraine Sylvestre. Concept/Produced by Helen Oppenheim


Hat To Love @ Badgley Mischka – 2014

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Hat To Love @ Badgley Mischka - 2014

Photo: Helen Oppenheim

A chic hat to love photographed backstage at the beautiful Badgley Mischka Fall 2014 Mercedes-Benz NY Fashion Week show. Doesn’t the model remind you of Michelle Dockery as Lady Mary in Downton Abbey? For the hair, which had to work with the hats, and more fashions, click here:

Hair: Peter Gray for Moroccanoil … Makeup: Tom Pecheux for Mac Cosmetics … Photo: Helen Oppenheim



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Photos: Helen Oppenheim … Collage by helenoppenheim.com

From the outreach of Mongolia to New York City, Warren-Tricomi’s hair by Edward Tricomi for the Katya Sol Fall 2014 NY Fashion Week was braided into a long braid which was wrapped in leather. The aim was for a modern and primitive look at the same time for the exotic fashions of the Mongolian fashion designer. For more of the exotic click here:

Hair: Edward Tricomi, Warren-Tricomi NY … Makeup: Aimée Carr, VooDo … Photos: Helen Oppenheim


Romantic Wavy Bob – 1988

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Romantic Wavy Bob - 1988

Photo: © Geoffrey Hargrave Thomas

Bobs have never looked more romantic than here. “30s bobbed hair is making waves and is tomorrow’s nouvelle vague,” predicted Kim Lepine of La Coupe in 1988 of this romantic look inspired by a Marlene Dietrich ’30s style, still in fashion today, if you have the right cut with the right hair. Or it can be set in. The hair was controlled, with less layers less wisps, all angles curved, rounded, soft, a signature theme for Kim Lepine’s hairstyles. “Bobs,” she said ” are the most flattering, chic shape ever – which is why they keep making a comeback.” For a child-like, natural color, Daniel Galvin of London and color consultant to La Coupe in New York at the time, lightened the hair with gentle no-bleach Color LIghts, which took 4 hours but lasted 3 months. For more, click here:

Hair: Kim Lepine, La Coupe, New York/Montreal … Hair Color Lights: Daniel Galvin of London, Color Consultant to La Coupe … Makeup: Daniel Coss … Fashion Styling: Irene Bilo … Blouse: Giorgio Armani … Earrings: Dinny Hall/Showroom Seven … Model: Trudi Dochertermann/Click … Background: Helene Leclerc … Photo: Geoffrey Hargrave Thomas … Produced by Helen Oppenheim for her article in The Gazette, Montreal


Sahag’s Futuristic Butterflies – 2003

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Sahag's Futuristic Butterflies – 2003

Photo: © Helen Oppenheim

This was the Finale of the John Sahag IBS Fuse show, probably the last major show he did. The futuristic hair was inspired by butterflies, which fluttered and flew all brilliantly braided, wrapped, twisted and knotted in butterfly shapes.  For more click here  

Hair: John Sahag, John Sahag Workshop … Makeup: Jun Funghashi … Fashions: Gaelyn & Gianfranco … Fashion Styling: Lisa Von Weise … Photo: Helen Oppenheim


Something Not Done Before – 2001

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Something Not Done Before - 2001

Photo: © Robert Erdmann

Harry King did this for Nylon Magazine 2001. “Robert Erdmann, the photographer, asked me to give him something he’d never seen before,” said the WorldGreat who remembers the hair was thrown up, literally, and textured. It is something different! And if anyone knows who did the makeup and what is going on with it, let me know.  More Harry King, click here:

Hair: Harry King … Photo: Robert Erdmann for Nylon Magazine

All rights reserved © Helen Oppenheim