Alexander McQueen Isabella Blow Movie – 2017

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Alexander McQueen Isabella Blow Movie - 2017

Photo: Vanity Fair

Alexander McQueen and Isabella Blow will come alive again in a fashion drama movie “The Ripper” according to Variety. “Maven Pictures is developing the story of the tumultuous relationship” between McQueen, the British fashion designer of the year 4 times and his muse, Isabella Blow, who was style editor for Vogue and the London Sunday Times, fashion director of Tatler.  Blow was famous for her hats, by Philip Treacy, her eccentric style and having bought McQueen’s whole first “Flash and Blood” graduate fashion collection at St. Martin’s School of Art and Design.  McQueen was a fashion icon like no other, for his runway dramas, extravaganza mind-blowing collections, impeccable tailoring. Fans included Prince Charles, David Bowie, Lady Gaga.  Blow was an aristocrat, Alexander McQueen from a working class background and both were suicides; Blow died in 2008 at age 48, McQueen in 2010 at 40. To see some of his amazing designs and genius at the Met Museum’s “Savage Beauty” exhibition in 2011, click HERE

Photo: Vanity Fair


A Regal Little Crown Rules – 2017

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A Regal Little Crown Rules – 2017

Photo: Courtesy of Redken

At the Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2017 Milan Fashion Week Show, Guido of Redken ‘Dolcified’ each person walking the runway. These included influencers, clients, real people, as well as models.. Some women had their hair up, some down, some had florals, and some had crowns, like this adorable regal little crown worn with hair swept up softly into a loose bun on top of the head. For more Fall 2017 Redken hair by Guido, with how-to’s, click HERE

Hair: Guido, Redken, Global Creative Director … Products: Redken … Photo: Courtesy of Redken


A Crown or Roses @ Dolce & Gabbana – 2017

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A Crown or Roses @ Dolce & Gabbana - 2017

Photos: Courtesy of Redken

Put a whole bunch of roses and a few strategic leaves on heads for a very special bride or gala. This lovely look by Guido, Redken’s Global Creative Director “was inspired by pure, couture Italian princesses for the Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda Couture Show for Fall/Winter 2017.” He allowed the hair to dry to encourage its own natural, soft texture, then pinned the hair back and up using bobby pins for adequate hold. He lightly sprayed a few loose pieces which were allowed to hang around the ears, nape of the neck and front of the face for a soft, romantic look. The flower crown of roses was secured to the head with additional bobby pins. Or the flowers could be added on a large headband.

Hair: Guido, Redken …. Product: Redken Fashion Work 12 Versatile Working Spray … Photos Courtesy of Redken


Celebrity Stylists – Most Are Not – 2017

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Celebrity Stylists – Most Are Not – 2017

Celeb Hairstylists


Bonk. I want to bonk all hairdressers who say on social media or TV or wherever that they are a “Celebrity Stylist.” Most are not. So why say it? As an Editor and former PR who has worked with real celebrity hairstylists, it is annoying when so many say they are. It is said so often no one takes the name ‘Celebrity Stylist’ seriously any longer, except perhaps your friends on social. When I did PR, I had to name at least three household name celebrities to even get a big article somewhere major. If you do or have done the hair of a real famous celebrity, fine, but if only one celebrity, and it is a minor one, then can you please find another way to say who you are? And be honest.  Or lose credibility with the professionals. For more of my Why? vents, click HERE


Love This Photo of Me With Linda Mason – 2017

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Love This Photo of Me With Linda Mason - 2017

Photo: Fred J. DeVito

This great photo of me with makeup artist extraordinaire Linda Mason was sent to me recently. I love it. Of course, it is very flattering.  Have to post it.  It was taken at Harry & Nancy’s ’70s/’80s Fashion Reunion Party in May 2017 at Parlor on Spring Street in New York by Fred J. DeVito.   To see more of Linda Mason’s makeup on this website, click HERE   To see more of me in action and out on the town, click HERE


Oy! Federer’s Chopped Hair Disaster – 2017

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Oy! Federer's Chopped Hair Disaster - 2017

Photos: NY Post, Telegraph, Allure

Oy. Oy. Oy vey.  Roger Federer has chopped his hair.  And it is a disaster. What was he thinking?  The cut is dreadful, the back, omg.  And there is talk of it being blonder.  He may be going grey and his hair was colored to hide the tell-tale hairs.  He is also receding at the front and this may be an attempt to cover it all up.  Whatever, fire the hairdresser!  The color can be fixed but this look is almost as bad as his ugly ponytail.  Since the ponytail hit the dust, I used to love love love Federer’s hair almost as much as I love watching him play.  To me, it was the  sexiest most flattering hair anyone ever wore.  And now? I don’t know if I can even bear to watch!!! Well, I will, because he is Federer, always my number one favorite and I want him to win Wimbledon.   He is photographed here at the Stuttgart tournament in Germany last week.  Today he plays in Halle.  Let’s hope the highly unflattering mess will grow by the time Wimbledon starts on July 3rd.  Meanwhile, thank goodness he is still wearing his bandeau which can hide all the sins.
Photos: Top Left: The Telegraph UK … Top Right: Allure … Bottom Photos: The New York Post


Remembering John Sahag, His Magic – 2017

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Remembering John Sahag, His Magic – 2017

Full Credits on Website. Collage by

It is 12 years since John Sahag left us to do the hair of the angels (January 2, 1952-June15, 2005.) The Lebanese-born Australian-raised Armenian became famous in Paris as the first internationally-recognized freelance hairdresser. He worked his magic on the heads of the supermodels and superstars of his era and made The Dry Cut famous in his John Sahag Workshop on Madison Avenue in NYC from 1985, still active in 2017.  This collage shows just some of his magic which made him so famous – with love. To read more about him, click HERE and to see  more of amazing work, click HERE (and HERE and HERE) – then go to HairThen, John Sahag on this website for more.  Read how-to’s, and lots of info under most photos, some like the décor album, under More on the Menu, a hoot, all informative.

Collage Credits: 1. New York Magazine, 1985. Photo: Lawrence Ivy … 2/3. Workshop Launch, 1985. Photos: Bruno Juminer … 4. Rachel Part 1, 1996. Photo: Lorraine Sylvestre … 5. Rachel Part 11, 1996. Photo: Eva Mueller … 6. Futuristic, Issey Miyake, Fall 1996. Photo: Franco Rossi … 7. Blue. Cynthia Rowley, Fall 1996. Photo: David Webber … 8. Abstract, Issey Miyake, Summer 1996. Photo: Neil Fenkell Harris … 9. Windswept, Issey Miyake, Fall 1997. Photo: Eric Deniset … 10. Rugged’/Smooth, Cynthia Rowley, Fall 1997. Photo: Michael Bonacci … 11. The Cement Garden, Salon décor. Photo: Seijie Kakizaki
Collage by


Carole Lombard – 1929

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Carole Lombard - 1929

Photo: William E.Thomas

This is Carole Lombard as she appeared in the 1929 Pathé movie, “High Voltage.” I always loved her hair in this photo, so modern even today, and the photo, the lighting, everything.

Do you know your hair history? Do you know which of the famous trend-setting photos in the Archives this look inspired? Click HERE

The photo is from the 1972 coffee table book  “The Image Makers: 60 years of Hollywood Glamour” by Richard Lawton and Paul Trent, published by McGraw Hill and available on  I loved the photos in this great book, which influenced me – and my photographers – over the years. For more Old Hollywood from the 20s go to Icons, Movie Icons, on

Photo: William E. Thomas