Vivienne Mackinder, A NAHA Finalist – 2018

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Vivienne Mackinder, A NAHA Finalist - 2018

Photo: Roberto Ligresti

These two photos of five submitted for NAHA 2018 are by Vivienne Mackinder,, who was announced today by PBA as a Finalist in the Masters Hairstylist Of The Year Category. The hair was inspired by a Kaleidoscope of color and texture. “I wanted to create a fine art collection,” said Vivienne, “mixing bold shapes with movement and color, adding depth and drama.” Top talents who were winners in the Hairstylists of the Year Category and won it many times enter in this category. All the Winners from the 15 categories will be announced on July 29, at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas.  Congratulations to all Finalists.  See who helped judge the Winners in the following blog.  And some thoughts on judging this event open to professionals in North America.

Hair: Vivienne Mackinder, … Color: Gion Vincent+Phil Ring, Joico … Makeup: David Maderich … Fashion: Nikko Kefalas … Photos: Roberto Ligresti for NAHA/PBA


NAHA Finalist Announcement Today – 2018

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NAHA Finalist Announcement Today - 2018


The 2018 NAHA Finalist Announcement is today, April 29.  It will take place in Chicago, at the ABS show. Live at 4.45  pm CDT.   Lot of  excitement in the North American hair world today.   I helped judge the North American Hairstylists Awards for PBA again this year. For the third time.  Choosing the Finalists was not easy.  Most times, there was not much to choose between the five selected.  Often, an entry included two good and one not good at all.  Sometimes, one amazing photo and two not good.    All three or five entered in a category were not always great.  Some were in need of a good ruthless crop.   But some did get it and entered some amazing work – cohesive, creative, technically interesting as required, and newsworthy.   Those got my highest marks.  If everything was great too – the photography, the lighting,  the model, the model’s expression and the pose. However, I have noted my top choices do not always win!   Winners will be announced  July 29th, in Las Vegas.   Stay tuned …


Wild Hair on Website – 1983-2012

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Fun Photo on Website - 1983-2012

Photo: Miguel Reveriego, Eddie Collins, Archivo LLongueras, Lance Staedler, Helen Oppenheim

There’s some wild and wonderful hair archived on this website. over 5,000 photos and many are not to be missed.  Time to explore.  Here are just some of the photos to inspire you.  1.  Peter Gray’s 2012 fantasy for L’Oréal Professional, in a WorldGreats album …. 2. Ezel’s  2012 black wig over blonde hair, also in a WorldGreats album … Salvador Dali, and his famous mustache, and  how it stayed up, also his hair in rollers and Lluis Llongueras doing his hair, as he did for 30 years, in an Icons album … Linda Mason’s impressionistic face art, hair Dwight Miller for Zotos, 1983, in a ThisThat album/The Mix … The pink wig by Julien D’Ys is from the Anglo Mania exhibition at the Costume Institute of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2006, in a Museum  album.

Photos: 1. Miguel Reveriego … 2.  Eddie Collins … 3. Archivo Llongueras … 4.  Lance Staedler … 5. Helen Oppenheim


Jenny On Her Wedding Day W/My Uncle – 50s

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Jenny On Her Wedding Day W/My Uncle - 50s

Photo: Unknown

April 27 is the day I lost my Aunt Jenny,  in 1993.  Here she is on her wedding day with my Uncle. In the 50s.  She was like a Mother to me for decades, from my teens.When I left London for Montreal, then New York, she wrote to me every week.I stayed with them in heir flat near Hyde Park whenever I went to London, for decades.  She went to Raymond (Mr. Teasy Weasy) for years.  Never forgotten, always remembered. With great fondness.  She was wonderful …


Big Blonde Backcombed Bouffants – 2016

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Big Blonde Backcombed Bouffants – 2016

Photos: Anthony Rhoades

Long hair ideas editorial how-to.  Ezel’s big blonde backcombed bouffants are all controlled, no messy hair or tendrils flying messily here and there!! There are a few ways to create hair in a photo studio and Ezel, Sachajuan’s International Editorial Director, once famous for his Vogue covers and pages, has not lost his touch or creativity. He opted for being prepared (another way is to wing it, which may work well, but may not!) He first decided what he wanted to do with the photographer, then worked on his styling head “so we wouldn’t waste time in the studio, and I also figured out my product cocktail in advance, deciding to dry the hair with Mousse. Then I lifted the roots like crazy with Root Lift, used hot rollers on top of the head, and backcombed like mad. I used a stuffing to create the big shapes and smoothed down with Shine Spray.” These photos made a full page in the December 2016 issue of Peluquerias Magazine. For more hair history on WorldGreat, Ezel, from the ’80s to now, CLICK HERE

Hair: Ezel, Sachuan … Makeup: Torrence Forde … Photos: Anthony Rhoades


Pearls Circle Neck of Bride NYFBW – 2018

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Pearls Circle Neck of Bride NYFBW - 2018

Photo (Detail): Helen Oppenheim

The details on this gorgeous bridal gown include pearls circling the neck and one arm, ending in a bracelet of pearls on one wrist.  This is a gown called “Bryant” by Ines Di Santo for her New York Bridal Week Fall 2018 show. Stay tuned for the full dress,  a strapless A-line gown with lace appliqué, and the beautiful bouffant hair with pearls  by Peter Gray at his best. Coming soon …

Makeup: Tia Hebron for Bobbi Brown  …  Photo (Detail): Helen Oppenheim


John Sahag Hair Inspired By NY Skyline – 1996

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John Sahag Hair Inspired By NY Skyline – 1996

Photos 1-2: Roland Levin … Photos 3 – 7: Helen Oppenheim. Collage

Hair History. 1996. The legendary John Sahag was inspired by the New York skyline for this haircut and color on the world-famous model Siberian-born Irina Pantaeva.   Sahag described the hair color by Dario Arias as “unnatural-looking, with unusual unexpected frankly fake sheer sparking tones of bright reds, burgundy and purple, coppers and browns all woven in to alter her base color, which was black.  For every day, the distinctive abstract colors and shapes could be hidden. For more of the 14 photos archived in this album CLICK HERE

Hair: John Sahag, John Sahag Workshop, NY, 1996 … Color: Dario Arias … Makeup: Susan Houser … Fashion Styling: Lisa von Weiss … Fashions: Elisa Jimenez … Model : Irina Pantaeva/Ford
Photos 1-2: Roland Levin … Photos 3-7: Helen Oppenheim


Chic To Cheek Dancing Hair – 1986

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Chic To Cheek Dancing Hair - 1986

Photos: Geoffrey Hargrave Thomas. Collage

Reposted, favorites from The Website Like No Other.  Chic to Cheek, Dancing Hair by Antonio da Costa Rocha, La Coupe, inspired by Ginger Rogers in the 1935 movie, Top Hat. For more Dancing Hair, a how-to plus a clip from the romantic movie,  CLICK HERE

Hair: Antonio da Costa Rocha, La Coupe, 1986 … Makeup: Honey Twigg … Fashion Styling: Aleta Joy Wolfe … Fashions: Jackie Rogers (blonde) and Oscar de la Renta (brunette) … Models: Carol Dlugos (brunette) and Marilyn Coe (blonde) … Photos: Geoffrey Hargrave Thomas