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4 Canadian Launch

Vidal Sassoon Jeans, 1980.  Sketch : Georgine Strathy

Vidal Sassoon Designer Jeans and Tops

The Vidal Sassoon women’s jeans featured The Carrot Leg – a new shape in 1980,
like a baggie, no pleats, tapered at the ankle – which is why there’s a paper carrot top left,
and why we included an orange paper carrot with the press release.

Colors included putty, slate, butternut, quail and shell pink, fountain blue, and
quartz lilac, pearl, water lilly – great colors for then! Of course, there was also
blue denim.

The jeans manufactured by Skirt Togs in Montreal for Vidal Sassoon Canada Ltd.
were almost as huge a success as the hair care products after the launch, and one
of them, can’t remember which now, shot up to No. 2 in their category in Canada.

NOTE:  Of course, Vidal Sassoon Jeans were later discontinued because manufacturing
jeans were not the area of expertise for a hair  product company.

Sketch by Georgine Strathy

Produced by Helen Oppenheim






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    Love this………..what great History 🙂 !!!

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