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4a Canadian Launch 1981

Vidal Sassoon Jeans @ Montreal Grand Prix,1980.  Sketch: Georgine Strathy

Vidal Sassoon Designer Jeans at Montreal Grand Prix

50 hostesses and pit girls flashed and dashed about in Vidal Sassoon jeans
and tops and the Montreal Grand Prix in 1980.

Jeans manufactured in Montreal by Skirt Togs for Vidal Sassoon Canada Ltd.

Sketch by Georgine Strathy

Produced by Helen Oppenheim

ANECDOTE: The reason Vidal Sassoon manufactured his own designer jeans was
because everyone at Vidal Sassoon was receiving many requests per day for
jeans.  Why?  Well, a major jeans company at the time was called Sasson (with one o)
and everyone thought that was us, so I guess the Powers That Be saw an opportunity.




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