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Sassoon The Queue - Romantic Duel

Romantic Duel, hair by Barbara Melzer, Vidal Sassoon NY, 1980

6. There was a fencing and romantic theme to this campaign… went with the hair… the shirts had frills and ruffles, very new that season.

Her Hair: Avram, his hair: Barbara Melser, Vidal Sassoon, 1980
Makeup: Ted Nadel
Photo (scan from a laser copy here) : Lorraine Sylvestre

Produced by Helen Oppenheim

Anecdote: Avram later wore his ruffle shirt with a flowing black cape when we went to Venice and
Rome after a hair show for Llongueras in Barcelona, Spain. I remember he was a big sensation
everywhere and when we went to a trendy restaurant in Rome, the other customers actually put
down their knives and forks when we walked into the restaurant. 


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