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 '80s Sahag Said Longer Hair Will Return – 1985

Photo: Bruno Juminer

In 1985, the legendary John Sahag predicted long hair will return in the press release for the Workshop launch, his first salon.  “People want to see a change, and life is about change,” he said. “Feelings and sensitivity are always in motion, and so it should be with hair. This is why, after masses and masses of short hair, it is now time for change. Long hair is coming back.” How right he was. He went on: “I have now created hair with a new dimension, interpretations of three different lengths. This is for those who are desperately seeking a way out of the bob, or those who have shoulder-length hair who are desperately looking for a way out of a nothing, hopeless look.” This photo shows Sahag’s sideburns with long hair that is blown dry, away from the face, with a round brush to create more height and a different movement.   The look has not dated and has stood the test of time.  To see more versions of this look, a how-to like no other and more from the Workshop Launch, CLICK HERE

Hair: John Sahag, John Sahag Workshop, 1985 … Makeup: Linda Mason … Model: Constance Chapman … Photo: Bruno Juminer

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