The Helen Oppenheim Hair Fashion Photo Archives website would never have happened without the generous help of some friends and some very kind people I have never met. I bombarded many with hours of conversations and a deluge of emails, often agonizing over this and that, because I am somewhat technically-challenged. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart to:

Ralph Manis (WordPress Web Design by Infinitee) who helped me on a web-ready re-sizing photo problem with patience at the beginning of my web journey, and taught me how to resize photos fast.  Then he took over as Webmaster.  He knows a lot about a lot, is a real pro – and he listens. He also sent me visual instructions how to do everything he did and I needed to know.  And he went out of his way to work more than a little magic on my behalf.   Thank you, thank you, Ralph for everything.

Christine Downs, who pushed me to start this website, was an ex Fashion and Beauty Editor of The Montreal Star and  has 3 awards from the International Association of Web Designers. She designed this website at the beginning as a “labor of love” after a decades-old friendship, never having worked with WordPress before.  She was bombarded with umpteen emails daily. And she bombarded me with them too.  Sure she wanted to bonk me on the head many times.  But I often wanted to bonk her too!

Janet Pytowski , a good friend, owner of Vidcat, a video production company specializing in fashion and beauty videos. very successful on the web, who first suggested I put these photos and my stories on the Internet rather than in a book, listened for hours to my problems, and gave excellent advice as I struggled along.

Ann Lawlor recommended webmaster Ralph Manis and told me to keep bugging him!  Ann is a PR specializing in beauty, beautiful people and also photographs backstage at NY Fashion Week Fashion Shows. …

Anne Hardy, Anne Hardy Public Relations, AHPR Group, for being a friend in a million, no, a zillion, and helping me in a way no other public relations person would dream of doing.

Janice McCafferty, Janice McCafferty, Janice McCafferty Communications of Chicago, for helping me with press strategy and circulation for varioius media.

Sherri Jesse, the beauty with brains, talent and heart, who patiently took me through the steps to make a pdf press release.  And who has been fast response to me on many web-related problems that put my head in a spin.

Julian Tran, who designed my lovely logo, after almost of year without one I was in love with.  He is multi-talented in graphics, design, illustration, photography, anything abstract, and  is also a great editor of videos.

Matt Nappo, who was a “prince” to my web designer in the early days and helped her on technical details as she worked on her first World Press website.

 WordPress, Envisioned Elegant Themes, my host InMotion and especially Opajaap the brain behind most of my photo albums, which are WPPA Plus.
All have given invaluable help along the way to a semi-technical ditz, for which I am very grateful.

Of course, it goes without saying that all the talented hairdressers I worked with, mostly at La Coupe Salons USA/Canada, Vidal Sassoon Salons USA/Canada and at The John Sahag Workshop in New York made all these photos possible, as did all the wonderful photographers I worked with, all the marvelous makeup artists, great fashion stylists and, of course, the models who gave us their hair. All often worked into the night – 3.30 am was not an unusual time to wrap and 5.00 am is the record. This website is an homage to all of you.

Last but not least, my thank you to my darling husband, Guy, who put up with me and hair, hair, hair for so many years – and always had a meal ready when I came home exhausted, at all hours. Then he had to listen to my website woes for a year.

And thank you to many others, far too many to mention, but all much appreciated, even after all these years…