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American Hustle, The Movie with Hair - 2013/4


American Hustle, David O. Russell’s movie taking place in the ’70s and early ’80s has plenty of hair interest!  There’s a darker Bradley Cooper with very curly hair, caught on camera with his pink rollers (Oscar?) Amy Adams (Oscar?) also makes an appearance with very curly hair.  Jennifer Lawrence wears mostly messy blonde wigs and is said to steal the picture (Oscar?)  Jeremy Renner goes for some high roll action on top with a pompadour.  But the one we must all admire is Christian Bale, who doesn’t look anything like Christian Bale here.  Not only has he put on some 50 lbs for his role but he has actually shaved some of his very thick hair on top and wears one of those awful comb-overs no one should ever wear (Oscar?) Hair and makeup for the men often took 3 hours daily, the women less. Amy Adams and Christian Bale change their hair, often.  Lots of buzz about this Colombia/Sony Pictures movie with flashy fashions as well as big hair interest, opening December 13 with limited release, the week after nationwide.  Click here for the official trailer 

Photos top left to right: Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Adams, Christian Bale, Jeremy Renner in Sony Picture Promo photos, also bottom far right.   2nd  Row, left to right, Bradley Cooper ( …Amy Adams ( … Bale and Adams ( … Jeremy Renner (  …   Bottom row left to right: Bradley Cooper ( …  Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams (Sony Pictures) … Christian Bale (


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    I like the multiple images in your posts!

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