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Art Deco 1974 - Part 11

Photos: Lorraine Sylvestre

From the Art Deco Collection by Kim Lepine for La Coupe, 1974.  These photos include blue Shine-On a 20s bob in the 70s.  And there’s more photos, sketches, more of more from this very famous collection that put La Coupe on the world map.   HairThen  La Coupe  Art Deco
Hair: Kim Lepine, La Coupe, Montreal … Makeup: Electa, Electa & Corrado … Photos: Lorraine Sylvestre … Concept/Fashion Styling/Produced by Helen Oppenheim


  1. Nov 21, 2012

    This campaign made La Coupe famous almost overnight. Much more on the website …

  2. Nov 21, 2012

    Love these looks!

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