Eva Salvail, Bald Model With Tattoo On Scalp – ’90s

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 Eva Salvail, Bald Model With Tattoo On Scalp – '90s

Photos by Unknowns

Suddenly, out of the blue, this 2015 blog got 531 Page Views on my website, so I am reposting it!   In the ’90s, Eva Salvail was a hot model, shocking everyone with her head shaved bald and a Chinese dragon tattooed on her scalp. The French-Canadian model walked the runways for top European fashion designers, first discovered by Jean-Paul Gaultier. And appeared in movies, including- Pret-a-Porter (1994) … Unzipped (1995) .. The Fifth Element I1997.) In 1995 or 1996, she was modeling in a fashion show at The United Nations for which the legendary John Sahag did the hair, and I was photographed (bottom right) with Eva – who had some hair at the time. Now she is also known as DJ Evalicious, with her head shaved bald, or hair dyed pink or blonde, and you might see her in the booths of hot clubs in New York, Miami, Chicago or LA.


The Rage Now: Barrettes Scattered On Hair – 1993

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The Rage Now: Barrettes Scattered On Hair – 1993

Photo: David Webber

Hair Trend Alert. The rage now is something anyone can do. Easy Peasy. Just scatter a few barrettes on the hair. This glamorous pageboy with rhinestone barrettes was by Charles Booth at La Coupe’s Creative Evening on Madison Avenue, New York, in 1993. But the look is as modern today as it was way back then. The idea works best on long hair but can also glam up short hair too. To see more from the famous Creative Evening, which ended at 2.30 am and was organized and produced by Helen Oppenheim,

Hair: Charles Booth, La Coupe NY, 1993 … Makeup: Barbara Sansone … Model: Rose
Photo: David Webber


Angelo Seminara Texture/Color Play – 2010

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Photo: Andrew O "Toole

Photo: Andrew 0’Toole

I get a notice at least once a week, sometimes more, that this photo has been Saved on my Pinterest.  Which I haven’t been  on since i deleted my best album there by mistake and they were unhelpful in getting it back.  So, I am spotlighting this hair again from The Ten Collection (2010) by Angelo Seminara, hair that has  always fascinated me. It is a play with textures and colors and is like no other hair I’ve ever seen before.  For more about this unique, highly innovative hair artist (Multi times voted Hairdresser of  the Year in the UK)  and more of his stunning photos and hair ideas, go to WorldGreats archived on my website –  click here

Hair: Angelo Seminara … Makeup: Imogen Snell … Photo: © Andrew O’Toole


Love Magical Mystery Mac Mascara – 2019

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Love Magical Mystery Mac Mascara – 2019

Photos: Mac Cosmetics

I am a long-time Mac fan, so was thrilled when I tried MAC’s Up for Everything Lash Mascara.  I can honestly say I have never had a mascara make my downward somewhat sparse lashes look so good. The magical mascara actually did lift my droopy lashes up, with a curl, make them look thicker, and was waterproof –  tested over and over through a torrent of tears I have shed recently.   I loved loved it so much, I actually went to Bloomingdale’s to buy it yesterday.   “Where did you get this?” they asked. I explained I am an Editor, Press, and a Blogger. They looked it up and said not only did they not know of it but it was not on the Mac Website.   A Google found a some good reviews, including a very good one from Allure.   Since it was inspired, Mac said, by insights from our Mexican consumers, maybe it is only available in Mexico for now, but we hope the amazing Up For Everything Mascara will soon be everywhere so everyone can have lashes curling up.


Hair and Fashions @ The Oscars – 2019

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Hair and Fashions @ The Oscars - 2019

Photos Helen Oppenheim with Thanks to E-TV/ABC-TV

Well, there were less ponytails, less messy updos with wisps flying all over the place, less old lady buns at the 91st Academy Awards.   Celebs were more groomed for the most part, some wore jewelry in their hair, which was not as disappointing as usual, but most were not very adventurous or innovative. Here are some of the more interesting hair and fashions:

Top Row, L-R: Presenter Amandla Stenberg’s two tone retro-inspired braids (finger waves on the other side, not shown!) were a stand-out … Adam Lambert’s earful of earrings, uncuffed shirt, huge orchid was another winner (he opened the Oscars with Queen to honor Bohemian Rhapsody) … An interviewer for ABC-TV on the Red Carpet with jewelry in the hair

Center Row, L-R: Charlize Theron and her new brunette bob … Emily Stone and her new brunette hair in Louis Vuitton with shoulders up and out to there …Bohemian Rhapsody’s Lucy Boynton with classic waves well done … Billy Porter in Christian Siriano’s tuxedo ballgown was a hoot …Joe Alwyn (The Favorite, Mary Queen of Scots) looking good … Unknown in tears of joy in audience with scattered little crystals in the hair … Melissa McCarthy and her spoof of The Favorite dress with stuffed bunnies presenting the Costume Design Award had the audience in stitches – loved, loved, loved.

Bottom Row L-R: Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper performing Shallow, passionately, from A Star Is Born … Gaga and one of her convoluted hair
concoctions, Gaga’s eye makeup … Spike Lee, who won an Oscar at last, for BlacKkKlansman, Best Adapted Screenplay, was all color coordinated in a purple suit, a motor cycle cap, glasses, shirt, tie.

Photos With Apple XS iPhone by Helen Oppenheim with Thanks to E-TV/ABC-TV


Zuzu The Dog Front Row @NYFW – 2019

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Zuzu The Dog Front Row @NYFW - 2019

Photos Helen Oppenheim. Collage by helenoppenheim.com

Zuzu the dog having fun Front Row at  the Fashion Hong Kong New York Fashion Week Show for Fall  2019.  Zuzu, a Pomeranian, was wearing sunglasses (for the lights you know, just like Anna Wintour) an animal designer coat, the latest dog shoes, and sported a dyed pink tail (see bottom photo right.)  She has  over 18 thousand followers on her Instagram page (@zuzuswag) a Facebook page, her own website page and more. Zuzu is  seen here with Fashion Designer Chong Cha who probably designs the Zuzu couture dog fashions!


Happy Valentine’s Day – 2019

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Happy Valentine's Day - 2019

Purple Heart

Happy Valentine’s Day with this purple heart, one of many on my apartment walls.   I love hearts. And I love purple.


Kiss Curls – 1975

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Kiss Curls - 1975

Photos: Marc Daniels

One kiss curl to one side of a mid-parted chignon, the other on the cheek or two on one side of the forehead, here with a side-braided chignon. What a good idea for a NY Fashion Week show.  Something simple and better than a chignon with a bare forehead, as seen over and over. The photo on the right made UK Vogue, March 1975. For more versions, CLICK HERE

Hair: Kim Lepine, La Coupe, Montreal/New York, 1975 … Makeup: Electa, Electa & Corrado … Model: Sylvie Desbois … Photos: Marc Daniels
Produced/Fashion Styling by Helen Oppenheim