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Helen Oppenheim

Come with me on a historical journey into the hair fashion world.

The Helen Oppenheim Hair Fashion Photo Archives are a unique and inspirational resource for the media, movies, tv, theatre, anyone wanting a new hairstyle. There are  more than 5,000 photos from the ’60s to the present, many innovative firsts, many not dated, still relevant and wearable today, even from way back then. Scroll for More, More, More.

Ideas. This is what you will find on, the result of my art directing, conceiving, taking and collecting photos over decades. Yes, I’m a hoarder. I specialize in hair and fashion trends, and have photographed myself backstage at NY Fashion Weeks for years. Most fun I’ve had. There are “treasures” hidden here and there and I hope you will find the time to discover them.

I use my blog mostly to highlight interesting photos on the website, as well as whatever tickles my fancy. I am not intending to be politically correct all the time, so I may ruffle a few feathers. Be warned. But I hope to keep you entertained. And informed.

I was born in London, lived in Montreal for years, and for the last few decades in New York City. All have influenced me. I  have toiled away as a journalist and PR for some of the world’s best, and have been US Correspondent for Peluquerias Magazine of Barcelona since 1982. I’m hard to please! Too honest, perhaps. So I have lots of friends, also lots of enemies and expect to make a few more of both.

Now, I’m working on my legacy, for posterity. This is a Work in Progress. I expect it will take forever. So, stay tuned…

This is a Work in Progress I expect it will take forever. So, stay tuned…

Helen Oppenheim - Hair & Photo Guru

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Marilyn Monroe 5’ 6”/ Kim Kardashian 5’ 2” – 2022

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Marilyn Monroe 5’ 6”/ Kim Kardashian 5’ 2” – 2022

Photos: Bettmann/Contributor. Taylor Hill, Getty Images/Time Magazine

Since Marilyn Monroe was 5’ 6” and Kim Kardashian is 5’ 2” someone must have adjusted the hemline of the famous Marilyn Monroe 1962 Jean Louis “Happy Birthday, Mr. President “ dress for Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala red carpet “Gilded Age” performance for the In America: Anthology of Fashion exhibition.     Yes, everyone is talking about the white fur cover-up at the back where the dress didn’t fit over the Kardashian toosh but, as far as I know, no one has mentioned the height difference.  We assume the Ripley Believe or Not Museum knew there had to be adjustment to the dress they paid $5 million for in 2016 and have preserved ever since in a case which cost $65,000.  So, the burning question is – was the hemline left shortened, then adjusted back to its original length, somehow? Or, perhaps more likely, did Kim totter on 4 inch heels?

Marilyn Monroe: Bettmann/Contributor … Kim Kardashian: Taylor Hill, Getty Images/Time Magazine


1843 Social Justice Quilt @ The Met – 2022

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1843 Social Justice Quilt @ The Met – 2022

Photos: Helen Oppenheim. Collage:

This pro-abolition quilt designed in 1843 by American fashion designer, Maria Hollander can be seen in the Haverhill Room at “In America: An Anthology of Fashion” Metropolitan Museum of Art Exhibition. The designer leveraged her business success to engage with issues of fundamental importance in her day, including abolition, women’s rights. and, later, she went on to advocate women’s suffrage.   The words say “WE GOOD THX!”  According to film maker Radha Blank, ”Black women were often uncredited as cultural weavers of the fabric of this country.”  This Costume Institute exhibition opens to the public in the  American Wing at the Met Museum, on Saturday, May 7, until September 5., 2022. To see 36 photos of the Exhibition, CLICK HERE



Met Museum “Battle of Versailles” Fashion – 2022

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Met Museum "Battle of Versailles" Fashion - 2022

Photos: Helen Oppenheim.

One of the stand-out rooms at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s “In America: An Anthology of Fashion” exhibition in the American Wing is the “Battle of Versailles” room – where Tom Ford has reimagined what happened in 1973, when the top French designers faced off against the top American designers. It is great fun, not captured as well as it could be with my iPhone.  This is Part 2 of the Costume Institute’s exhibition exploring fashion in America and it opens for the public on Saturday, May 7.  Part 1, “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion” will continue in the Anna Wintour Costume Center at The Met until September 5, 2022, when both exhibitions will close.  To see 36 photos of the Exhibition, CLICK HERE



James Pecis Hair Balls @ Thom Browne – 2022

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James Pecis Hair Balls @ Thom Browne – 2022

Photo: James Pecis, Thom Browne, Getty

The sculptured hair balls created by James Pecis for the Thom Browne Fall/Winter 2022 “Island of Misfit Toys” dual-gender  Runway Show inspired by “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer” were different on each of the 24 adult models.  The Styrofoam balls were a similar shape to the knit hats worn by the other 24 or so models and were anchored to slicked back heads with bobby pins, some with high ponytails, some with low ones.  All were spectacular.  Have to love Thom Browne. He’s not afraid of interesting hair for his more than interesting fashions.

Hair: James Pecis/Bryant Artists using Randco …Products: R+Co Bleu Highest Volumizing Mousse, Vicious Strong Hold Flexible and Outer Space Hairsprays … Hair Extensions: Yaki … Makeup: Isamaya Ffrench/Streeters … Photos: Courtesy James Pecis, Thom Browne and Getty.


Tim Miller Fmr RNC Spokeman In Pearls – 2022

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Tim Miller Fmr RNC Spokeman In Pearls – 2022

Photos Helen Oppenheim, Fred J. DeVito. Collage:

Sign of the times.  Former RNC Spokeman, Tim Miller, wore a simple strand of pearls when the MSNBC Contributor was being interviewed yesterday./ I think we can now safely say a man wearing pearls is mainstream!   After all, he is, or was, a Republican, even if a “never Trumper.”  Some trendies who have worn pearls over the last year are – from top to bottom – Romero Jennings, Director Makeup Artistry for Mac Cosmetics, backstage at the Frederick Anderson S/S 2022 New York Fashion Week Show … Kenneth Delio Loo,, Entrepreneur and guest, at the Tombogo  S/S NYFW Show  ….  Model wearing his own pearls backstage before the Tanner Fletcher F/W 2022 NYFW Presentation, hair by Mike Martinez for Cutler/Redken.

Photos: Tim Miller: Helen Oppenheim with thanks to MSNBC TV … Top to Bottom: Romero Jennings and Kenneth Delio Loo: Helen Oppenheim … Model: Fred J. DeVito


Art Deco Eton Crop Flirty Kiss Curls – 1974

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Art Deco Eton Crop Flirty Kiss Curls – 1974

Photos: Lorraine Sylvestre

These two photos are now hair history, from the famous La Coupe’s Art Deco Collection.  With hair by Kim Lepine, they feature an Eton Crop, a flirty kiss curl, a forehead bandeau a la 20s and, with the other inspirational Art Deco photos in the Collection, put La Coupe on the world map.  The model was Bijette who just friended me on Facebook. In 2022.  Considering I haven’t seen her since 1974, this is pretty amazing.  Here, Bijette these photos are for you.   To see more of the iconic Art Deco Collection, CLICK HERE

Hair: Kim Lepine, La Coupe, Montreal/New York, 1974 … Makeup: Electa, Electa & Corrado … Deco Dress: Anne Klein … Long Black Kid Gloves: Iona Monohan Collection … Model: Bijette … Deco Mirror Art: Erik Neil Weiss for La Coupe … Photos: Lorraine Sylvestre. … Concept/Fashion Styling/Produced by Helen Oppenheim


Deco-Inspired Hair for Cool Men @ NAHA – 2022

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Deco-Inspired Hair for Cool Men @ NAHA - 2022

Photos: Vanessa Secondino

If you are a cool man you will love these art deco-inspired hair designs by Navin Ramgoolam of Salon Deaville in Montreal which won the Barber Of The Year Award at NAHA 2022. The Barber category included fades, tapers, and other looks created with a mastery in techniques.”  Congratulations to the team who put these looks together and to all the Winners and those nominated.   Good to know creativity is still alive and well in the hair world. For more NAHA 2022, CLICK HERE

Hair: Navin Ramgoolam, Salon Deauville, Montreal … Makeup: Kris Christodoulou … Fashion Stylist: Kim Rivka … Photos: Vanessa Secondino


Avant Garde Fantasy Hair @ NAHA – 2022

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Avant Garde Fantasy Hair @ NAHA - 2022

Photos: John Rawson

David Barron of Barron’s London Salon in Atlanta was nominated in the Avant Garde Category for the North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA) in. 2022 for these Avant Garde innovative and unique hair images which really  “push our collective consciousness about what hair can do.”  The makeup, by Maddie Austin and the nails by Cherrie Snow and the photos by John Rawson are also as avant garde  as you can get, of course.  Congratulations to all. To see more NAHA 2022 winners and nominated talents, CLICK HERE

Hair: David Barron, Barron’s London, Salon, Atlanta, GA … Makeup: Maddie Austin … Nails: Cherrie Snow …Fashion Stylist: Magdalena Jacobs … Photos: John Rawson


Avant Garde Hair Winner @ NAHA – 2022

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 Avant Garde Hair Winner @ NAHA - 2022

Photo: Damien Carney. Collage:

Migena Furxhi was the Winner of the Avant Garde category at NAHA 2022.  She wanted to “portray strength and beauty, a strong silhouette with bold definitions of design and color when everything around us seemed so bleak and falling apart.” This was a team effort, and the hairdresser credits her photographer, Damien Carney, “as the photoshoot coach” and Nicholas French who has won this award many times, for “his mentoring and unwavering support.”    The Professional Beauty Association who give us NAHA year after year say “this category recognizes hairstylists that create artistic, innovative, unique and experimental concepts that push our consciousness about what hair can do.”  To see more photos from NAHA 2022, CLICK HERE

Hair: Migena Furxhi, Grand Rapids, MI … Makeup: Joanne Gair … Fashion Stylist: Nikko Kefalas
Photos: Damien Carney



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Photos: Richard Monsieurs

The North American Hairstyling Awards are the most prestigious professional beauty competition in North America and honors the salon industry’s top artists.  Top talents from hairdressers to makeup artists, fashion stylists and photographers across America and Canada go all out for this competition when they can let their creativity have a field day.  I was a judge for the winners from 2015 to 2019 so I know how much goes into the hair and the  images and how thrilled the winners and those nominated are.  These two photos were part of the Ulta Beauty Design Team’s Winning Collection.  No less than 16 names are credited as being part of the Ulta team – all the names are listed and archived in an album on my website, which features 23 images.  To see my NAHA 2022 selection CLICK HERE 

Hair: Ulta Beauty Design Team, Bolingbrook, IL … Makeup: Deney Adam …
Photos: Richard Monsieurs