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Helen Oppenheim

Come with me on a historical journey into the hair fashion world.

The Helen Oppenheim Hair Fashion Photo Archives are a unique and inspirational resource for the media, movies, tv, theatre, anyone wanting a new hairstyle. There are  more than 5,000 photos from the ’60s to the present, many innovative firsts, many not dated, still relevant and wearable today, even from way back then. Scroll for More, More, More.

Ideas. This is what you will find on, the result of my art directing, conceiving, taking and collecting photos over decades. Yes, I’m a hoarder. I specialize in hair and fashion trends, and have photographed myself backstage at NY Fashion Weeks for years. Most fun I’ve had. There are “treasures” hidden here and there and I hope you will find the time to discover them.

I am use my blog mostly to highlight interesting photos on the website, as well as whatever tickles my fancy. I am not intending to be politically correct all the time, so I may ruffle a few feathers. Be warned. But I hope to keep you entertained. And informed.

I was born in London, lived in Montreal for years, and for the last few decades in New York City. All have influenced me. I  have toiled away as a journalist and PR for some of the world’s best, and have been US Correspondent for Peluquerias Magazine of Barcelona since 1982. I’m hard to please! Too honest, perhaps. So I have lots of friends, also lots of enemies and expect to make a few more of both.

Now, I’m working on my legacy, for posterity. This is a Work in Progress. I expect it will take forever. So, stay tuned…

This is a Work in Progress I expect it will take forever. So, stay tuned…

Helen Oppenheim - Hair & Photo Guru

Love it. Absolutely love it. Thank you, Mitchell Field, for this great gift of a bus with wonderful words!


Mani-Pedi Prices Thru The Roof – 2020

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Mani-Pedi Prices Thru The Roof - 2020

Nails: Deborah Lippmann @ Badgley Mischka MBFW 2014. Photo: Helen Oppenheim

Be aware. At least in New York. But maybe everywhere.  A manicure pedicure which may have cost $30-$40 in New York City can now cost $70 -$90. A pedicure alone can cost $40. I used to pay $31 for a mani and pedi in Manhattan.  Prices can be sky-high, through the roof.  And many shops are not telling their customers of the price increase until they come to pay.   One has to wonder if customers will come back to pay at those prices.   Many, like me, have perhaps got used to doing their own mani-pedis, or they have lost their jobs. And, for now, many are not seeing anyone anyway. Can these shops, of which there were too many, at least in Manhattan, stay in business?
(Of course, the image here shows fab fashion nails, they could be worth the extra money, but these are not the classic nails most people have.)


Vidal Sassoon’s Marlene Dietrich – 1980

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Vidal Sassoon's Marlene Dietrich – 1980

Photos: Peluquerias Magazine

At the end of 1980, I produced a hair show in Barcelona, Spain with Vidal Sassoon US. There were 2,000 people in the audience for a spectacular event hosted by Lluis Llongueras, Llongueras.   This is the Sassoon Marlene Dietrich played by a Spanish model, who had never heard of Marlene! She ad libbed to Marlene’s career signature song “Falling in Love Again” from the German 1930 movie – “The Blue Angel”   Later in the show the Sassoon Team showed their versions of the Modern Marlene hairstyles from a recent collection.   To see those, CLICK HERE and scroll down. (This is the first time this has been seen since 1980 and is part of a multi-page spread of all the looks shown from the show in Barcelona’s Peluquerias Magazine.)

Hair: Avram, Vidal Sassoon NY (who also master-minded this fantastic sequence) … Color: Edward Moore, Vidal Sassoon NY … Photos: Peluquerias Magazine, Spain.


Happy Birthday America – 2020

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Happy Birthday America - 2020

Wishing all my Followers a Happy Independence Day as can be this July 4.  With love.  Please wear a mask. Social distance. Stay safe.


Joy Reid of MSNBC And Her Hair – 2020

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Joy Reid of MSNBCAnd Her Hair – 2020

Photos Helen Oppenheim/MSNBC

You have to give it to Joy Reid of MSNBC, she is into hair. And changes her styles almost every TV appearance. She went from many different short haircuts and wigs to longer hair, mostly braided now and many different designs. They don’t all work and sometimes I want her to bonk her hairdresser, but she is a joy to behold and gets an A for effort. Here she is over the last few months, mostly with braids, but once during the height of the lockdown, she showed her own natural hair, quickly changed. Go for it, Joy. Go for it … You are not only a great journalist but must also be an Inspiration to many.
Joy Reid MSNBC-TV Host/National Correspondent and Political Commentator. Hosts the weekly MSNBC morning show AM Joy on weekends, often does Rachel Maddow and other MSNBC shows, graduated from Harvard University, two-time author, former controversial blogger and popular Twitterer, also on Instagram   ( @JoyAnnReid )    


Will Salons Be Blow Drying When Open – 2020

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Will Salons Be Blow Drying When Open – 2020

Photos: Helen Oppenheim

A thought. Will salon stylists be blow drying while the Covid virus is still active? Will clients feel safe going to a salon where blow dryers are blowing all over the place, even at 6′ distances? Alternatives can be shorter haircuts, like the bob with the style cut in, here by Edward “Scissorhands” Tricomi –
cut dry backstage at the Rosa Cha Spring Summer 2008 New York Fashion Week Show. No blow dry needed on this lovely model, Barbara Berger.   Curly hair with the right cut can dry naturally and look good, like the original Sassoon Greek Goddess or the long natural look currently trendy. But let’s bear in mind, most people with straight or  barely curly hair need some volume here and there. Another alternative can be rollers, but remember how they usually make hair look old-fashioned. Other options are teasing, crimping, braids, wearing hair in an updo.   Or will the blow dry survive?


Photos Helen’s Blog Jan 23-June 9 – 2020

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Photos Photos Helen's Blog Jan 23-June 9, 2020

Full credits on website.  Collage by

Collage of photos, Info and inspo on Helen’s Blog from January 23 to June 9, 2020. Not been blogging much because of Covid-19. Top Row: Fab French flapper by Elizabetta Franchi @ Milan Fashion Week F/W 2020. Hair by Peter Gray for GHD-Italia … Unisex Big Curly Red Hair for Him @ Apotts Men’s Day NYFW F/W 2020, hair by Danny Nguyen for Oribe … David Hart @ Men’s Day NYFW F/W 2020, hair Kiang Hoang for Oribe … David Hart @ Men’s Day NYFW F/W 2020, hair Kiang Hoang for Oribe. 2nd Row : Hair by Peter Gray/GHD-Italia for Elizabetta Franchi @ Milan Fashion Week F/W 2020 … Bobby pins make hair designs by Aveda’s Jon Reyman @ The Fashion Hong Kong NYFW Show F/W 2020 … Helen in her Covid-19 Masks May 2020 … Oscar Hair on the Red Carpet 2020 .
3rd Row : Shoulder Interest @ Badgley Mischka S/S 2020, hair by Felix Fischer using Kerastase … Urban twist updo by Edward Tricomi, Warren-Tricomi Salons for Frederick Anderson’s S/S Fashion Show … Helen’s hair cut January 29 and 11 weeks later, by Edward Tricomi, Warren-Tricomi Salons … Ruffled collar at Badgley Mischka NYFW F/W 2020 show … Easter parades on Fifth Avenue, past years.
Bottom Row : Patricia Fox @ Latex Lecture, The National Arts Club 2020 … Fun hat, pom poms, pearls @ Fashion Week Hong Kong F/W 2020, hair Jon Reyman, Aveda … Color your roots @ home, Sherri Jessee video … Rare Vidal Sassoon photo, Soft Cubism, 1979, hair by Graham Wren.Hair history is here.  To see more details, and who did what, scroll down this blog. To see all of Helen’s Blogs highlighting work archived on this website plus more, CLICK HERE


Story of Raphael “Of Might & Mane” – 60s

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Story of Raphael "Of Might & Mane" – 60s

Raphael Santarossa London 60s

The hair raising story of Raphael, the one of a kind hairdresser who took London by storm in the 60s and, after his glory days, in Montreal in the 70s, can be found archived on this website and to read a copy of what must be the most amazing article ever written about a hairdresser click the PDF link at  very the end of this blog.   This collage was in the Montreal Launch Press Release for Raphael’s Montreal Salon, for which I did the PR. He had Montreal at his feet, as he had London at his feet before, until …. but that’s another story.  If you want to see more on Raphael go to the About on this website, scroll down, to see his world trend-setting 1971 hair flicks in Montreal, photos from his Raphael & Leonard days in London, CLICK HERE and if you want to go for more nostalgia on 60s and 70s fashion, hair, music, memories and Raphael, go have some fun on the Closed Group Facebook page -60s and 70s London Scene –  CLICK HERE

Download a PDF article worth downloading on Raphael, The One Who Dared.