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Helen Oppenheim

Come with me on a historical journey into the hair fashion world.

The Helen Oppenheim Hair Fashion Photo Archives are a unique and inspirational resource for the media, movies, tv, theatre, anyone wanting a new hairstyle. There are  more than 5,000 photos from the ’60s to the present, many innovative firsts, many not dated, still relevant and wearable today, even from way back then. Scroll for More, More, More.

Ideas. This is what you will find on, the result of my art directing, conceiving, taking and collecting photos over decades. Yes, I’m a hoarder. I specialize in hair and fashion trends, and have photographed myself backstage at NY Fashion Weeks for years. Most fun I’ve had. There are “treasures” hidden here and there and I hope you will find the time to discover them.

I use my blog mostly to highlight interesting photos on the website, as well as whatever tickles my fancy. I am not intending to be politically correct all the time, so I may ruffle a few feathers. Be warned. But I hope to keep you entertained. And informed.

I was born in London, lived in Montreal for years, and for the last few decades in New York City. All have influenced me. I  have toiled away as a journalist and PR for some of the world’s best, and have been US Correspondent for Peluquerias Magazine of Barcelona since 1982. I’m hard to please! Too honest, perhaps. So I have lots of friends, also lots of enemies and expect to make a few more of both.

Now, I’m working on my legacy, for posterity. This is a Work in Progress. I expect it will take forever. So, stay tuned…

This is a Work in Progress I expect it will take forever. So, stay tuned…

Helen Oppenheim - Hair & Photo Guru

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Dorthe Holm Jensen Top Model Hair – 60s

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Dorthe Holm Jensen Top Model Hair – 60s

Collage by

Dorthe Holm Jensen, top model in the 1960s, was born in Denmark, worked mostly in Paris, now lives in London. Top hairdressers tressed her, she worked with the top photographers, and magazines, often doing her own hair and makeup even for Bazaar and Elle. Here’s some photos of a still beautiful woman in her heyday.

Top Left to Right: Dorthe the girl scout, 1953, photo Dahl Schmitt … Hair Carita Paris for Jardin de Modes, 1967, Photo: Eugene Vernier … Hair Alexandre de Paris, Makeup Harriet Hubbard Ayer, ’60s, Tidens Kvinder (Denmark)  Photo: Gunnar Larsen … Hair Alexandre de Paris, Makeup: Harriet Hubbard Ayer, Fur Chombert, Jewelry Boucheron, Cover of L’Officiel de la Couture 1963, Photo Guy Arsac …Dorthe embellished by Beska Sorensen, Photo: Unknown.
Middle Left to Right; First 3 Photos – Hair & Makeup by Dorthe, Brigitte Magazine, ’60s, Photos Charlotte March … Hair & Makeup by Dorthe, Elle Magazine, ’60s, Photo (Detail) Peter Knap … Ad Spain, ’60s, Makeup Anthony Clavel, Photo Unknown
Bottom Left to Right: Hair Leonard of Mayfair (all in one day) National Fur Company ad, ’60s, Photos Brian Duffy … Swimsuit Choses St Tropez, Hair & Makeup by Dorthe, Various publications 1965, Photo Gunnar Larsen … Hair & Makeup: Dorthe, Harper’s Bazaar, 1966, Photo Bill King …Fur – Italian Vogue 1967, Photo Barbieri … Hair: Alexandre de Paris, Makeup Harriet Hubbard Ayer, Christian Dior, L’Officiel 1963, Photo: Unknown … recent Selfie


VeniceW Tourniquet Fashion Collection – 2021

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VeniceW Tourniquet Fashion Collection - 2021

Photos: @mikeyasanin. Collage by

VeniceW designed by Venice Wanakornkul, is a new label, founded 2018 in New York (the “City That$nezZZeALot!” ) moved to Bangkok, Thailand when the pandemic arrived.  Her Tourniquet Tour Fall 2021 American Collections CFDA Runway 360 show featured fabric strapping – twisting tourniquet’s (medically-inspired) – raw-edged linen, hemp, natural fibers, wools, often with knotted and undone trailing fabrics here and there. It was photographed on the Grand Pearl Cruise in Bangkok and also featured suede leather bobtail shoes, a great bag or two, and the most interesting hair seen so far during fashion week.

Hair: @looniitunex_56 … Makeup: @wallaya_noo… Fashion Stylist: @nanist … Location;       #grandpearlcruis … Photos: @mikeyasanin


Happy Valentine’s Day – 2021

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Happy Valentine's Day - 2021

Photo: Helen Oppenheim

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my Blog followers with this selfie featuring a handcrafted heart mask by the amazing Sherri Jessie. More masks and jewelry on @prettythingbysherri and hair/makeup @sherrijessee on Instagram.


Bob Shaded Rose & Chocolate For NAHA – 2021

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Bob Shaded Rose & Chocolate For NAHA - 2021

Photo: Paula Tizzard. Collage by

A rose tone and a deep chocolate create a softness and bold placements on a deconstructed bob. The color was done in slightly off centered quadrants to create a sweeping effect for strong, independent women. This is one stunning photo from The Tilt Collection by Julie Vriesinga, Salon Entrenous, nominated for the North American Hairstylist of the Year (NAHA) Awards, in two of the 14 categories. The Finalist, a Canadian, was voted North American Hairstylist of the Year and Master Stylist of the Year in 2020, quite an achievement winning over all the talented Americans and other Canadians who entered the annual event which will takes place this year on August 29th, 2021 in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Convention Center. Tickets on sale in the Spring at

Hair: Julie Vriesinga, Salon Entrenous, London, Ontario, Canada … Hair Colors: L’Oréal Professionnel … Makeup: Florencia Taylor …Fashion Stylist: Julie Vriesinga … Model:Carrie-Lynn VandenBerg … Photo: Paula Tizzard for PBA/NAHA


Hair Art Comes To Life for NAHA – 2021

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Hair Art Comes To Life for NAHA - 2021

Photos: Richard Monsieurs for PBA/NAHA

“My collection is about fine art coming to life, from the canvas to reality,” said Nick Stenson, Ulta Beauty, who created “visual illusions with the hair and the art – textures looking like they could have been painted but, on looking closer, you realize they are the model’s real hair, with movement, bringing the hair to “life” with wind to blow loose pieces as the model transitions from the painting to reality.” The hair, left, was braided close to the head, tightly coiled, twisted, fur-like texturized hair with rippled red waves like the flame on a fire.  Right, the hair rose up to there in loose waves. Each model was 90% complete before she was “attached” to the canvas, final touches were then made. The artist said he stretched himself exploring a new approach for a hair shoot and he did. Brilliant work by all. The result is being nominated as a Finalist for NAHA 2021 in the Styling and Finishng Category, winners to be announced on August 29th in Las Vegas. Tickets on sale in the Spring at

Hair: Nick Stenson, Ulta Beauty … Makeup: Deney Adam … Fashion Stylist: Jennifer Daniels … Models: (left) Molly Divane and (right) Ella Renner, both Ford Models … Photos Richard Monsieurs for PBA/NAHA


Hair As Fabric by Silas Tsang for NAHA -2021

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Hair As Fabric by Silas Tsang for NAHA -2021

Photos: Andrew O’Toole for PBA/NAHA

Hair was made to look like fabric in 3D by Silas Tsang of Blushes in Ottowa, Canada, who was nominated as a Finalist for the North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA 2021) in the Master Hairstylist of the Year category, one of 14 categories.    First, hairpieces and extensions were laid out very straight and flat, then gel was combed through them and hardened.   On the left, a razor was used to cut different, rectangular shapes from the hair, black lines were randomly drawn with a black marker, a look inspired by unique barcodes. resulting in an updo owing a lot to art. On the right, the hair was cut into honey comb/geometric shapes, then sprinkled, short, fine hair on top, the fabric-like hair wrapped around the head like the most unusual head wrap ever. There were 68 Finalists for the 32nd annual NAHA event which will take place on August 29th at the Cosmoprof North American Show (CPNA) in Las Vegas. Congratulations to all Finalists who produced some stunning creative ideas during difficult times. Tickets on sale in the Spring at

Hair:   Silas Tsang, Blushes, Ottowa, Canada with Dorothy Tsang … Makeup: Kylie O’Toole…   Fashion Stylist: Karly Brown … Photos: Andrew O’Toole for PBA/NAHA


Queen’s Gambit Hair Flicks – 2021

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Queen's Gambit Hair Flicks – 2021

Photos Courtesy Netflix.  Collage

Hair Trend Alert.  Anya Taylor-Joy’s hair flicks in The Queen’s Gambit, the much-watched Netflix TV series, in which she played Beth Harmon, an orphan who had a genius for chess and a madness brought on by pills and alcohol. We first see her as a kid in the late ’50s, an orphan, with brutally short micro-bangs, then with short early ’60’s dos of the era, but her longer hair with the flicks in 1968 is what caught my eye, perhaps to be adapted and less perfect for the 21st century. The red hair, wigs throughout, was by Daniel Parker, who was inspired by Natalie Wood, Lauren Bacall, Grace Kelly. The Limited Series, almost hypnotic to watch (the pace, the music, the everything) which may or may not be continued, was adapted by Scott Frank from Walter Tevi’s novel with the same title, was co-created with Alan Scott. Some great acting, especially from actress, director, writer Marielle Heller, also helped make each of the 7 episodes a joy to watch, whether one plays chess or not. To read more about the hair, CLICK HERE, and to see the offcial trailer CLICK HERE
Hair and Makeup:   Daniel Parker. Photos: Courtesy Netflix