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Helen Oppenheim

Come with me on a historical journey into the hair fashion world.

The Helen Oppenheim Hair Fashion Photo Archives are a unique and inspirational resource for the media, movies, tv, theatre, anyone wanting a new hairstyle. There are  more than 4,000 photos from the ’60s to the present, many innovative firsts, many not dated, still relevant and wearable today, even from way back then. Scroll for More, More, More.

Ideas. This is what you will find on, the result of my art directing, conceiving, taking and collecting photos over decades. Yes, I’m a hoarder. I specialize in hair and fashion trends, and have photographed myself backstage at Mercedes-Benz NY Fashion Weeks for years. Most fun I’ve had. There are “treasures” hidden here and there and I hope you will find the time to discover them.

I am using my first blog mostly to highlight interesting photos on the website as well as whatever tickles my fancy. I am not intending to be politically correct all the time, so I may ruffle a few feathers. Be warned. But I hope to keep you entertained. And informed.

I was born in London, lived in Montreal for years, and for the last few decades in New York City. All have influenced me. I  have toiled away as a journalist and PR for some of the world’s best, and have been US Correspondent for Peluquerias Magazine of Barcelona since 1982. I’m hard to please! Too honest, perhaps. So I have lots of friends, also lots of enemies and expect to make a few more of both.

Now, I’m working on my legacy, for posterity. This is a Work in Progress. I expect it will take forever. So, stay tuned…

This is a Work in Progress I expect it will take forever. So, stay tuned…

Helen Oppenheim - Hair & Photo Guru

Love it. Absolutely love it. Thank you, Mitchell Field, for this great gift of a bus with wonderful words!


Dear Fans. What Do You Like? – 2017

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Dear Fans. What Do You Like? - 2017


Dali’s Mustache Stands PassageTime–1960s/2017

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Salvador Dali's Famous Moustache – 1960s

Photo: Archivo Llongueras

Salvador Dali, the eccentric revolutionary surrealist painter and his famous mustache made news.  Lluis Llongueras, did his hair for 30 years (from 1961-1987) and in the Llongueras Book, “Mi Dali Particular (“My Very Own Dali”)  Llongueras says he also did his famous mustache and advised Dali “to stiffen it with a juice of dates and sugar to keep it upright.” The mustache has stood the test of time.  When Dali’s remains were exhumed in 2017, for a paternity case, the forensic’s experts were startled to find the mustache was still intact.  For more on the 2017 discovery, CLICK HERE  For more on Llongueras, Dali and an anecdote, click:

Hair: Lluis Llongueras, Llongueras, Barcelona …  Photo: © Archive Llongueras


Kendall Jenner @ La Perla NYFW Fall – 2017

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Kendall Jenner @ La Perla NYFW Fall - 2017

Photos: Jane Kratochvil. Collage

Kendall Jenner, Naomi Campbell and many top models walked the runway for the first-ever La Perla New York Fashion Week Show for Fall 2017, showing sexy lingerie fashions designed by Julia Haart. SuperModel Kendall Jenner had a mid-parted straight shiny lob decorated with jeweled hairpins either side of the casual part, by Teddy Charles for Cutler/Redken. The makeup, by Erin Parsons for Maybelline, was gorgeous with shimmery eyes and Midnight Merlot Sensational Loaded Bold Lipstick patted on. To see more from this show, CLICK HERE

Hair: Teddy Charles and Cutler/Redken …. Products: Cutler Voluminizing Spray, Redken Windblown 05, Forceful 23 Super Strength Hairspray … Makeup: Erin Parsons, Maybelline …  Model: Kendall Jenner
Photos (details): Jane Kratochvil



Hair Up To There With Crimps, NAHA – 2017

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Hair Up To There With Crimps, NAHA – 2017

Photo: Sylvia Hardt/Courtesy PBA

This fabulous stratospheric style with hair piled casually on top up to there, crimping in strategic places and wisps of hair on the forehead was one of the looks Nominated for the North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA) 2017.   It did not win. But it is a winner. Congratulations to Christian James of Shade Studio. For more NAHA winners for 2017 and 2016, put NAHA in to the Search Box, top left of this page, and scroll down a few pages.

Hair: Christian James, Shade Studio, Phoenix, AZ … Photo: Sylvia Hardt/Courtesy PBA


Magical Odile Gilbert Hair @ Rodarte Spring – 2018

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Magical Odile Gilbert Hair @ Rodarte Spring – 2018

Photos: Getty( Jason Lloyd Evans ( /Giovanni Gianonni(

It was fairytale hair by the one and only Odile Gilbert at Rodarte’s Spring 2018 Haute Couture debut show in Paris.  Baby’s Breath,  floral crowns and wreaths adorned heads, shoulders, arms, cuffs, along with satin ribbons, Rodarte-designed metal bow/barrettes pinned into tendrils of hair, and other accessories. Fashion Designers extraordinaire, Laura and Kate Muleavy, wanted something magical for their first show in Paris, held in a 16th century cloister on the Left Bank. And Odile Gillbert along with Joseph Free, a L.A. Floral Designer, helped make magic happen.   There were different hair designs on each of the 50 models, who wore ethereal divine dresses of tulle, chiffon, lace and leather.

Photo Left: Getty Images (for …. Photo Top Right: Jason Lloyd Evans (for … Photo Bottom Right: Giovanni Gianoni (for – with thanks to all.


You Can Be Grey For The Night! – 2017

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You Can Be Grey For The Night! - 2017

Photo: Helen Oppenheim

You can be grey for one night, or until the next shampoo.  Can’t think why anyone would before they need to be grey.  But this trendy man loves his temporary grey hair. I photographed him on the floor of the International Beauty Show (IBS) for 2017, on the exhibition floor for Manic Panic.  He said he had wash-out Manic Panic Silver gelled on his dark hair and pointed out there’s also a gold and all the Day-Glo Color Gels of the moment.  More from the IBS Show, CLICK HERE And the next album, to the right.
Hair: Manic Panic Silver Gel … Photo: Helen Oppenheim


Mimi Prober Unique Antique Fashions – 2017

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Mimi Prober Unique Antique Fashions – 2017

Photos: Randy Brooke/Courtesy People’s Revolution

Mimi Prober presented her first New York Fashion Week Show for Fall 2017. Her luxury antique fashions and jewelry were unique. This dream dress for cool connoisseurs is an heirloom, handcrafted using recovered fragments of antique materials dating from the 18th to early 20th centuries. The necklace, from Mimi Prober’s Metamorphosed Art Fine Jewelry Collection, was crafted using reclaimed sterling silver, also dating from the 19th to early 20th centuries. Each collection piece was developed organically into a modern sculptural form, To see more heirloom dresses and jewelry, CLICK HERE

Hair: Marc Mena, Warren-Tricomi Salon, NYC …  Makeup: Glamsquad Keyed by Kelli J. Bartlett …  Fashion Stylist: Ian Milan …  Jewelry: Mimi Prober Art Fine Jewelry Collection … Photos: Randy Brooke