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Helen Oppenheim

Come with me on a historical journey into the hair fashion world.

The Helen Oppenheim Hair Fashion Photo Archives are a unique and inspirational resource for the media, movies, tv, theatre, anyone wanting a new hairstyle. There are  more than 5,000 photos from the ’60s to the present, many innovative firsts, many not dated, still relevant and wearable today, even from way back then. Scroll for More, More, More.

Ideas. This is what you will find on, the result of my art directing, conceiving, taking and collecting photos over decades. Yes, I’m a hoarder. I specialize in hair and fashion trends, and have photographed myself backstage at NY Fashion Weeks for years. Most fun I’ve had. There are “treasures” hidden here and there and I hope you will find the time to discover them.

I use my blog mostly to highlight interesting photos on the website, as well as whatever tickles my fancy. I am not intending to be politically correct all the time, so I may ruffle a few feathers. Be warned. But I hope to keep you entertained. And informed.

I was born in London, lived in Montreal for years, and for the last few decades in New York City. All have influenced me. I  have toiled away as a journalist and PR for some of the world’s best, and have been US Correspondent for Peluquerias Magazine of Barcelona since 1982. I’m hard to please! Too honest, perhaps. So I have lots of friends, also lots of enemies and expect to make a few more of both.

Now, I’m working on my legacy, for posterity. This is a Work in Progress. I expect it will take forever. So, stay tuned…

This is a Work in Progress I expect it will take forever. So, stay tuned…

Helen Oppenheim - Hair & Photo Guru

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Collage Page Peluquerias Magazine – 2022

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NYFW Collage Page Peluquerias Magazine - 2022

Photos: Helen Oppenheim and Fred J. DeVito

This is the first page of my January 2022 column on NYFW for Spring 2022 in Peluquerias Magazine. Top Row: Romero Jennings, Mac, at Frederick Anderson … Romero Jennings eye at Frederick Anderson … Brigitte Segura of at Frederick Anderson.  2nd row: Frederick Anderson, right, being interviewed by Charli Sebunya/Style Culture TV … Heart earrings at Global Fashion Collective by Cedim … Tony Touchdown aka Teezo with nails at Tombogo.  Bottom Row: Cynthia Rowley shoes … House of Aamar shoes by Fashion Nova … Cynthia Rowley bag.    To see 6 more pages from the shows, CLICK HERE

Photos 1-6: Helen Oppenheim … Photos 7-9 Fred J. DeVito


‘40s Hair Rolls Inspire @ NYFW Spring 2022

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‘40s Hair Rolls Inspire @ NYFW Spring 2022

Photos: Fred J. DeVito

The hair at the House of Aama was  on a roll at New York Fashion Week for Spring 2022.   Here’s two of the retro looks inspired by ‘40s-‘60s Hollywood by Anthony Hernandez for Cutler Salons/Redken.  To see more, from this show, CLICK HERE

Hair: Anthony Hernandez for Cutler/Redken … Products: Redken Fifth Avenue
Photos: Fred J. DeVito


Photos On Helen’s Blog – 2021/2022

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Photos On Helen’s Blog – 2021

Full Credits on Website. Collage by

Collage of photos, hair history, info and inspo on Helen’s Blog from last months of 2021 to January 17, 2022. .  To see more details, who did what, scroll down this blog a good few pages (click the red More More More bottom left to go to the next page) and to see All Collages archived on the Website, CLICK HERE


Portrait Illustrations of Helen – 2020

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Portrait Illustrations of Helen - 2020

Portraits ©Wendy Whitelaw

Helen as visualized by the  illustrator of fashion and beauty portraits, Wendy Whitelaw.  I have never met Wendy, and she interpreted me from photos I sent her.  I don’t wear false lashes like these, have long nails, and I’m not as slim,  but they are interesting.  To see more of Wendy’s amazements, CLICK HERE

Portraits: Wendy Whitelaw


John Sahag As Never Seen Before – 1985

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John Sahag As Never Seen Before – 1985

Photo: John Kisch

A treat for John Sahag fans.  I came across this rare photo of John Sahag looking as I never saw him before – hair slicked back, white shirt, tie, very formal.  According to John Kisch, Photographer, Author, Archivist, who took this great photo of the legendary John Sahag, it was needed for a license to open his first salon in NYC.  I did the PR for that first salon in 1985, worked for him 3 years later, 1994-1997 and I never saw him with his hair like this, or in a white shirt and tie.   To see a carousel of  photos Kisch has posted of Sahag on his Instagram page, CLICK HERE then click the arrows,  and to see more of Sahag The Man archived on my website, CLICK HERE


Happy New Year To All My Followers – 2021

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Happy New Year To All My Followers - 2021

With Thanks To Google

Happy New Year to all my Followers.  With hope it will be a better year.  More like the one in the vintage photo!   Cheers.


Fun Festive Hair and Lashes – 1966

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Fun Festive Hair and Lashes – 1966

Photo: Irving Penn

“How cool is cool?” was the headline in the June 1966 issue of Vogue Magazine about this Irving Penn “little crazy” rare beauty photo of Verushchka, Countess Vera von Lehndorff-Steinhort.  Lucite over the moon hair rings (from Paraphernalia) and  Dynel fake lashes “the size of eyeshades” were “wrought” by Giorgio di Sant’Angelo – then “a young Florentine artist now playing around with New York Fashion.” Vogue said the hair was actually all Veruschka’s own, without a single hairpiece.    There is no hairdresser credit, but it does look rather Ara Gallant. Or maybe Sant’Angelo did it!   (If anyone knows of another hairdresser, let us know.). Max Factor’s then new Frosterinos Pinkberry Meringue shades the lips.  (No credit for a makeup artist.) Knitted wool dress by Rudi Gernreich for Harmon Knitwear.  Those were the days.

Hair Rings/Lashes: Georgio di Sant Angelo … Makeup: Max Factor … Model: Veruschka … Photo: Irving Penn for Vogue 1966
With thanks to Fred J. DeVito for the suggestion, and