La Coupe’s Great Gamine – 1977

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La Coupe's Great Gamine - 1977

Photo: Lorraine Sylvestre

Hair History. “This great gamine will survive all weathers,” said Kim Lepine, La Coupe’s International Design Director in 1977. Not only would it survive all weathers, it has survived for all of time, and is not dated at all decades after it was created. “The hair was cut using :”modern seventies’ cutting techniques to achieve the chewed effect of the fifties’ gamines but the difference was that La Coupe’s gamine wisps were precision cut and shaped to stay, cut into the shape by cutting on an angle to suit the face and working with the natural growth patterns of the hair.”  The background is from a 1921 Harper’s Bazaar cover from Charles Spencer book by Erté  For more on this gamine and other styles from this Collection, CLICK HERE

Hair: Kim Lepine, La Coupe, Montreal/New York, 1997 … Makeup: Electra & Corrado … Model: Guylaine… Photo: Lorraine Sylvestre
Concept/Produced/Fashion Styling: Helen Oppenheim


Afghan Puppy Hair Look – 1984

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Afghan Puppy Hair Look - 1984

Photo: Helene Joseph

Hair History. 1984 Hair. The Afghan Puppy Look by Michael Gordon, Bumble and bumble.   “A soft fluffy look, like the hair of an Afghan puppy, half-formed, whimsical, with a soft curl,” said Michael Gordon, then co-owner of Bumble and bumble, when I was doing their PR.   There was height and volume, both always flattering, and the short no-bang bangs gave a whole new look – flirty, feminine, very Bumble. For more versions, including a side and back view, CLICK HERE

Hair: Michael Gordon, Bumble and bumble, NYC, 1984 … Fashion Styling: Man-Lai … Fashion: Betsey Johnson … Earrings: Mari Politain … Model: Marilyn Clark, Elite … Photo: Helene Joseph


Short Curly Fuss-Free Hair – 1976

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Short Curly Fuss-Free Hair - 1976

Photo; Norman Parkinson

This stunning short curly fuss-free hair by Harry King was created in 1976 but it is as modern today as it was way back then. At the time “it was a revolutionary haircut because it was cut in many different lengths and no one had ever cut hair this way before,” said Harry King, the king of big sexy hair with over 100 Cosmopolitan covers to his credit.   For those into Hair History, it is worth reading the whole story and seeing more of the WorldGreat’s hair – CLICK HERE

Hair: Harry King … Stylist: Julie Britt … Editor: Meredith Ethrington Smith … Model: Yolande Gilot … Photographer © Norman Parkinson for GQ Magazine


Remembering John Sahag Today – 1996

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 Remembering John Sahag Today - 1996

Photo: Helen Oppenheim

Today, June 15, is 13 years since the legendary John Sahag left us too soon to do the hair of the angels. Here is a behind-the-scenes photo of the Multi—Cut on Sahag muse, Rachel Bick, which was part of a three-part saga (Rachel’s Saga) on hair repair after swimming pool damage with chlorine. To see and read (a must) the second of three Mulit-Cut albums, CLICK HERE

Hair: John Sahag, John Sahag Workshop 1996 … Hair Color: Jennifer Chune … Makeiup: Susan Houser … Model: Rachel Bick … Photo: Helen Oppenheim


Rare Sassoon Mystery Photo Solved 1997

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 Rare Sassoon Mystery Photo Solved 1997

Photo: Unknown

Mystery who did the hair for the rare Vidal Sassoon photo is solved. It was Graham Wren, International Artistic Director at Vidal Sassoon New York, who created the 1979 Modern Marlene as well as this version, done later in LA, after the press release. I had a rare lapse in memory!  To follow the Facebook post on the search, CLICK HERE.  I think the model is Margaret Cullen  The magazine is still unknown and the photographer.   To see all the photos in the Soft Cubism album, CLICK HERE


Helen Oppenheim Facebook Biz Buzz

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Helen Oppenheim Facebook Biz Buzz


I am on Facebook.  Not enough.  But often. You can Like my Page, if you have not already, and then Share my photos and words there. (Please make sure to get all the credits in.)  Many photos are just on the blog and website but there are over 100 albums full of inspirational photos on my Facebook Page from the Website Like No Other, – which has over 5,000 photos archived.   For my Facebook Biz Buzz page, you can click the logo top right on the website Home Page, or CLICK HERE


Follow Me On Instagram – 2018

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Follow Me On Instagram - 2018

Instagram Logos

I am on Instagram.  Not enough.  But I do try for once a week.  You can repost my photos and words there.  Whatever the new logo Instagram comes up with,  only some of them seen here.   @HelenOppenheim or  CLICK HERE


Femme Fatale Hair With Front Flicks – 1971

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Femme Fatale Hair With Front Flicks – 1971

Photos: Klaus Lucka

Raphael, one of the greatest and sexiest hairdressers of all time, very famous in London and Europe in the 60s as the Raphael of Raphael & Leonard, launched a salon in Montreal with Femmes Fatales, featuring front flicks of hair, soft and romantic, very new then and inspirational now. For more on Raphael and more of his Femme Fatales, CLICK HERE

Hair: Ralphael Santarossa … Makeup: Jacques LaFleur … Model: Donna Clarke
Photos: Klaus Lucka.  Produced by Helen Oppenheim.