Downton Abbey Movie September – 2019

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Downton Abbey Movie September - 2019

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The Downton Abbey movie is coming to theaters in the US on September 20, 2019. A continuation of the popular TV series, it has much of the same cast and will hopefully be The Movie To See. With some inspirational fashion and beauty images. But from the images so far, the back and side views of Lady Mary’s bob is, um, disappointing. The front view is great though!! To see a trailer, CLICK HERE
Credits Top Left to Right: Key Art … … Second Row: Vogue Australia … Inset: The $9.99+ Silk Art Print from Etsy … Bottom Row: … Variety.
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I posted this in 2014.  “J’Accuse” the Roman Polanski movie I blogged on way back then is showing at the Venice Film Festival this year, in 2019. We all know the controversial director makes good award-winning movies, so read on:   
As I was enthralled reading the spy thriller book “An Officer and Spy” by Robert Harris, I kept thinking, there’s a good movie here.  After I finished, I discovered Roman Polanski announced he is going to direct  “D” a movie based on the Alfred Dreyfus Affair and the book, to begin shooting at the end of the year. For those who don’t know, Captain Alfred Dreyfus, a Jewish officer on the general staff in the French Army was wrongly accused and imprisoned in 1895 of being a spy.  This was a sensational 12-year scandal during a time of anti-Semitism in France.  As casting is underway, it’s interesting to imagine who will play whom in what is sure to be a very special movie.  Any ideas?  The fashion interest should come with the uniforms, and the words  “J’Accuse.”

Here are some of the characters.  Top left to right: Young Captain Alfred Dreyfus, Alfred Dreyfus, Colonel Georges Picquart, the courageous hero and whistleblower without whom Dreyfus may have languished forever on Devil’s Island under appalling circumstances … Lucie Dreyfus, faithful wife … Middle row: Public Degradation of Dreyfus when he is stripped of his badges, buttons and his sword is snapped … Dreyfus at his last trial, an old man at 39 after 4 years in prison … “J’Accuse” Emile Zola’s 1898 open letter addressed to the President, a celebrated exposé, as published in L’Aurore … Influential writer, Emile Zola, who had to flee to England for his letter condemning a major injustice … The Dreyfus family …  Bottom row: Just 3 of the disgraceful French Army officers involved: The main accuser, Major Armand Mercier du Paty de Clam … Major Hubert-Joseph Henry … Major Ferdinand Esterhazy, the real culprit …  The jacket cover of the book “An Officer and Spy” …  The author Robert Harris … Roman Polanski who will direct the movie “D”.  Watch out for the movie, probably in 2015.  To read the book, click here 


The Kaimin Girl @ NYFW F/W – 2019

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he Kaimin Girl @ NYFW F/W - 2019

Photos: Helen Oppenheim

The Kaimin New York Fashion Week Show for Fall/Winter 2019 was something else. From another planet.   The fashions were extraordinary, the hair by Peter Gray and makeup by Romero Jennings equally future fab fantastic.  The models, not all girls, tottered on 8″ heels looking magnificent, and this was the show of shows.   Take a look at 16 more photos of fashions, hair, makeup, nails,  and get inspired for tomorrow today – CLICK HERE

Hair: Peter Gray & Prema Hair Team using Anti-Collective, Dyson EasiHair Pro … Makeup: Romero Jennings, Mac Cosmetics … Fashion Styling: Bill Mullen … Photos: Helen Oppenheim


The Fashion Group Moon Photos – 1969

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The Fashion Group Moon Photos - 1969

Photo: June Sauer. Collage

Ah, nostalgia. Some of the space age fashion and hair photos from The Fashion Group Montreal Press Release. In 1969. The Year Americans landed on the Moon. Which became the theme of the Press Release showcasing Montreal’s leading fashion designers at the time. (Apologies, The Press Release is lost in my vast Archive. When I find the Press Release, I will credit all.) As well as art directing the photos, I also did the PR for the Fashion Group in Montreal,  who produced the Fashion Show and  Ball of the Year.   For more photos and more of the story  in an Album  archived on this website, CLICK HERE

Hair by Peter Sant, La Coupe Montreal, 1969 … Makeup: Electa, Electa & Corrado … Models Left Monica Clayton, Right: Ulla Moreland … Photos: June Sauer … Photos Art Directed by Helen Oppenheim for The Fashion Group Montreal, 1969


Photos Helen’s Blog May 24-July 11, 2019

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Photos Helen's Blog May 24-July 11, 2019

Full Credits On Website. Collage by

Collage of photos, info and inspo on Helen’s Blog from May 24 to July 11, 2019. There’s New York Fashion Weeks for F/W 2019 (Kaimin, Global Fashion Collective, Fashion Hong Kong,  Grubenhelden, Badgley Mischka) and NYFWM for S/S 2020 (Parke & Ronen for men) … The Met Museum’s Camp Exhibition and Gala with Lady Gaga and more, There is an Ulta Hair Team NAHA Nominated photo … Serge Beauchemin’s Camerart, Remembering John Sahag on the 14th anniversary of his leaving us to do the hair of the angels. Hair History is here, some fashion and makeup history too – inspiration for today, and tomorrow. To see more details, and who did what, scroll down this blog, a few pages. To see all of Helen’s Blogs highlighting work archived on this website plus more, CLICK HERE


Significant Sculptural Coil @ NYFW – 2019

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Significant Sculptural Coil @ NYFW - 2019

Photos: Albert Urso/Getty Images for Fashion Hong Kong


Aveda’s Jon Reyman really worked to get this coil just so backstage at the Fashion Hong Kong New York Fashion Week Show which took place at Industria Stuidios. And he did. The significant sculptural hair coil worked well with the About Heaven Please+ fashions, one of three designers showing their fashions with a difference, each with a different  hair look and different makeup.  The eyes had delicate black lines here and there, more on one eye, no mascara, neutral lips, by Aveda’s Janell Geason. To see more from this show and a Hair How-To do this impressive coil, CLICK HERE

Hair: Jon Reyman, Aveda … Products: Aveda … Makeup: Janell Geason, Aveda … Fashions: Yi Chan and Lary Cheung/About Heaven Please+ for Fashion Hong Kong
Photos: Albert Urso/Getty Images for Fashion Hong Kong


Luxury Unapologetic Hair To Wow – 2019

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Luxury Unapologetic Hair To Wow - 2019

Photo: Richard Monsieurs

This is hair to make an entrance.   It is OTT (Over The Top) with the help of hair extensions.  It is “unapologetic hair” for those who want to be noticed.  Imagine the look without the sweep of hair rising up to there at the front, and it is less OTT and still beautiful.   Nominated for NAHA (The North American Hairstyling Awards) in 2019, it is by the Ulta Pro Team which includes Danielle Keasling who  said ” I love a good luxury look and this is all that!!”  Yes, it is. Wow!

Hair: The Ulta Pro Team … Hair Extensions: Great Lengths … Makeup: Deney Adam … Fashion Styling … Winde Rienstra … Model: Lyokatyagnereva … Photo: Richard Monsieurs for NAHA/PBA


Aveda Makeup Brushes Backstage NYFW – 2019

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Aveda Makeup Brushes Backstage NYFW - 2019

Photo: Helen Oppenheim

For all of you into make up, I thought you would like to see all the makeup brushes an Aveda makeup artist used at the Grubenhelden New York Fashion Week Show for Fall 2019, held at Industria Studios. I don’t know the makeup artist’s name but he is in the Aveda group photo taken backstage at the show – CLICK HERE
and to see the finished makeup look and all about the show scroll back and forward.