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Celebrity Stylists – Most Are Not – 2017

Celeb Hairstylists


Bonk. I want to bonk all hairdressers who say on social media or TV or wherever that they are a “Celebrity Stylist.” Most are not. So why say it? As an Editor and former PR who has worked with real celebrity hairstylists, it is annoying when so many say they are. It is said so often no one takes the name ‘Celebrity Stylist’ seriously any longer, except perhaps your friends on social. When I did PR, I had to name at least three household name celebrities to even get a big article somewhere major. If you do or have done the hair of a real famous celebrity, fine, but if only one celebrity, and it is a minor one, then can you please find another way to say who you are? And be honest.  Or lose credibility with the professionals. For more of my Why? vents, click HERE

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