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Colorific Coco Gauff in Canada - 2022

Photos: Helen Oppenheim with Thanks to The Tennis Channel. Collage

Coco Gauff must surely be the most colorific tennis player out there, in tournament after tournament.  Not only that, but her braided hair is always interesting, with colorful headbands.  No matchy matchy for Coco, but the colors always work, and dazzle.  Here she is in action at the National Bank Open in Toronto, Canada, August 11, 2022, wearing her New Balance fab fashions, from top to toe, and that includes her new signature modern vintage shoe – and her ombré underwear.   The 18 year old, who plays singles and doubles, a future champ for sure, signed with New Balance when she was 14 and it was a very smart move because they are helping her to coordinate her look, to take it where no other tennis player has been.

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