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By Helen Oppenheim

To the world’s top model for 13 years, Gisele Bündchen. And so many like you. When you wear your hair in a long wave at the side and similar on the other side, not sprayed to death, you have to do what you did on last night’s hour-long interview with Charlie Rose on PBS discussing your new $700 coffee table book and your life.  You drove me nuts, taking the hair out of your eyes every 2 seconds. If you had that long wave on the side cut a little shorter, it would look just as sexy and would be so much better – and I could have enjoyed watching you, looking more fab than in all your photos. As it was, I hit the remote.

Maria Bartiromo. As the two hours plus GOP Debate went on (and on) on Fox Business News, your long wave at the side drooped and dropped. In fact, your whole hairstyle collapsed. This was contrived styling you had and, worse, it didn’t last. Get the right cut or fire the hairdresser. But keep the makeup artist!

“A Star Is Shorn,” said the New York Times, on the front page of their ThursdayStyles section today, about the fast rise to fame of Ruth Bell as a top model after the 19 year old Brit “clipped her hair to the skull and bleached it the color of creamed butter.” Well, she did it for fame, and it worked.  But she’s also gorgeous. Do remember that before any mere mortals want to try their luck.

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