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6 Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali

Llongueras did Dali's hair for 30 years
1 Louise Brooks

Movie Icons

Old Hollywood from the 20s.
1 Helmut Newton

Helmut Newton

Photos from his book, World Without Men
4 Antonio Lopez

Antonio Lopez

Fashion/Beauty/Art Illustrator
1 Music Icons

Music Icons

Music Icons and their hair
17 Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo

Work, Life, Interpretations Of The Artist

Icons albums include Salvador Dali, his moustache, in hair curlers, with Lluis Llongueras, who did his hair for 30 years … Movie icons,  old Hollywood from the ’20s … Photographs by famous photographer, Helmut Newton, from his thriller of a book, Women Without Men … Antonio Lopez, Fashion/Beauty/Art Illustrator from the book “Antonio’s Girls” … Music Icons start with Pink and Christina Aguilera … Frida Kahlo, The Mexican Surreal Artist, her Work, Life, Interpretations … With more Icons for all to come.

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