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Easter Fabs 5th Avenue NYC - 2018

Photos: Helen Oppenheim … Collage

Easter Fabs 5th Avenue NYC - 2018

Photos: Helen Oppenheim. Collage

Here are some Easter Fabs on Fifth Avenue in NYC.  I arrived late, the Avenue was closed an hour earlier than usual.  But I hope you like some of the best I saw in 2018.  Because of the early closing, I didn’t have time to get all  the names or details. Some I did get are, in  the top photo, Kelsey, top and bottom left, a “struggling actor” wearing a glorious hat of feathers and flowers … Nico Grigley, top right, with a big smile and looking absolutely lovely wearing huge roses.  In the bottom photo, top left, Sherri Smith ( wearing a magnificent black hat, with a “Treachery” label at the front – no time to ask what that was all about!  … Gordon (bottom left) wearing a huge reflector ball with Blair Haplight hatted with a garden of flowers … and Zondra in a red forties wig worn with a net snood.  You were all wonderful and if anyone wants their name or details included, let me know. I’ll put the photos up, each bigger, on Facebook tomorrow, CLICK HERE and a few on my Instagram (@HelenOppenheim)

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