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Easter Fabs 5th Avenue NYC - 2019

Photos: Helen Oppenheiim / Collage by

Here are just a few of the Easter Fab Hats I photographed at the Easter Parade on Fifth Avenue in New York for 2019.  They are more fun photos and all are bigger on my Helen Oppenheim Facebook Biz Buzz page CLICK HERE (13th or 14th album under Photos) and there are few more on my Instagram page (@HelenOppenheim)
Top Left to Right: Esti Grifel with her huge flower hat and leaves, Not Your Lame Hat  ( and @not_your_lame_hat) … Unknown with umbrella and Easter Egg on the steps of St Patrick’s Cathedral …  MadelynMickelsen in a great cocktail hat … Lainey with yellow flowers, including one charmingly on his glasses …
Bottom and Center Rows Left to Right: Marilyn Ackerman, memorable in a top hat with pink flowers … Visual Artist/Milliner/Hatter  (@emperor_ vanity_society)  in his hat saying it all,  beard colored .. Daria Hardeman wearing a butterfly hat by Harriet Rosebud ( ) – back view on my Facebook Biz Buzz page …  to see the rest of the pink fantasy, skirt only here, go to my Facebook Biz Buzz page … The little girl  with the flowers in her hair was adorable … the green buds  on Alicia Tatone, also adorable.
Photos: Helen Oppenheim for Helen’s Blog on

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