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Edward Tricomi Hair For Mongolian Fashions - 2015

Photos: © Helen Oppenheim. Collage by

The hair for the Mongol Fashion Show at New York Fashion Week for Fall 2015 was by Edward Tricomi, Warren-Tricomi Salons, and was influenced by the Mongolian fashions. The look was primitive, with a braid up the center of the hair on top of the head, almost like a horse’s main at the back, ends were loose. More hair, how to’s, exotic fashions designed by Bayarmaa Bayarkhuu, click HERE

Hair: Edward Tricomi, Warren-Tricomi Salons … Makeup: Aimee Carr, Vodoo … Blonde Model: Daan Broeze/One … Redhead Model: Zazoe/Wilhemina … Photos: © Helen Oppenheim

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