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Fashion Stands With Planned Parenthood – 2017

Photo (Detail): David Webber

  • Seen backstage at the Cushnie and Ochs New York Fashion Week “The Future is Female” Show for Fall 2017, buttons saying “Fashion Stands with Planned Parenthood,” worn here by caring Fashion Designer Carley Cushnie, right, and a model wearing one of the great knock-out cut-out dresses at the show, designed by Carlie Cushnie and Michelle Ochs.  Today, February 11, 150 protest demonstrations are taking place “outside politicians’ offices and government buildings,” according to The New York Times. “The 100 year old organization provides birth control and other women’s health services in addition to abortion at 650 health centers, according to its website.” It is time to organize and not be intimidated,  We have seen protests can work and let’s pray these will.   To see more of the NY Times article, click HERE

Photo (Detail): David Webber

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