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Golden Globes Boring Hair - 2014

Photo Collage: 

Really, there wasn’t much going on for hair; it just wasn’t there for the Golden Globes in 2014.  Most of it was safe, everyday boooring styling, some looking as if it the stars themselves had done it. Glam was almost totally missing.  Here’s just a few of the good and the bad and some uglies. Top left to right: Amy Adams was the only one with a little something going on, with a braided updo, well done (see side view under) … Jennifer Lawrence wore her hair the same as she has every day since it was cut short – a modern short look but, come on, you’re so into fashion Jennifer, just a little something different going on with your hair would have made all the difference … Cate Blanchard, well, her hairdresser let her down but it’s surprising this classy lady who wore a drop-dead chic Armani dress, didn’t get that her faux bob was too faux for words and so poorly executed …  Olivia Wilde’s color was ombréed but the style was a load of nothing …  Julia Roberts looked a total mess, bouffant hair falling apart (where was Serge?!) … Matthew McConaughey looked better than ever with shorter hair, a great tuxedo … Hayden Panettiere’s hair was interesting but  far too greasy and dirty-looking … as was Kelly Osbourne’s now paler lilac locks tucked unflatteringly behind the ears,  too-oily and stick-straight, which was still more modern than her old-lady puffies of late … Diane Keaton in a tux with perhaps a trend-setting wide tie should not have let her hair go grey, not yet, big mistake … Bottom row: Leonardo DiCaprio looked as handsome as ever … Johnny Depp was too blonde, a little too much product, but he always looks interesting … Alex Ebert’s messy updo piled on top of his head with long fly-aways all over the place was laughable, as was Jared Leto’s hair dumped into a dopey pony with blonde ends dangling.  However, he did look handsome front view!  Whatever, there’s Joan Rivers and The Fashion Police to look forward to at 9 pm and 10 pm  tonight, Monday, January 13, with repeats during the week, on E-TV.  Not that anyone there ever has a clue about hair, but it is fashion fun to watch and I love Joan …

Photos from ABC-TV and E-TV (Photo Top Left  from


  1. Jan 16, 2014

    Cate Blanchett … Her dress was to die for but that hair… Looked like she did it herself and I thought Kelly Osbourne wad wet hair “Dippity Do?”

    Thanks for the feedback … Awesome!

    • Jan 16, 2014

      A hairdresser definitely did Cate Blanchett’s hair. i don’t think people can do faux bobs themselves. Kelly Osbourne hair, oh dear, and it didn’t look good without the wet-hair look on Joan Rivers either. I have seen her hair look great, but not for a long time …

  2. Jan 13, 2014

    I agree Helen, it’s a shame that so many ‘celebrity’ stylists can’t get it right. Can’t execute a great haircut or style and have created a ‘homey/ selfie’ looking hair fashion trend that is actually a coverup of their own inadequacy .

    • Jan 13, 2014

      And they have created the same looks on too many. However, I doubt whether many visiting stars would allow a strange celeb hairdresser to cut their hair and the
      stars are very much to blame for this boring hair – it’s what they want and are happy to have on their heads.

  3. Jan 13, 2014

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Jan 13, 2014

      Thanks for thanks, Sherri

  4. Jan 13, 2014

    What about Jaqueline Bisett? Did she make it to the stylist? I suppose its just not as Golden as it use to be, Helen you should take over for Joan Rivers, you are so right. I love J to ….but a great chair for you!

    • Jan 13, 2014

      Jacqueline never had a stylist, I suspect. She had a great dress but didn’t care about her hair, which
      is far too long and was pretty well the worst hair there. Thanks for Joan Rivers but I am nowhere
      near as funny as her. Although I do think I could talk about the hair better than those she has on
      the program!

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