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Illustration: © Antonio Lopez

Illustration: © Antonio Lopez

I always loved Antonio Lopez (1943 – 1987.) His fashion illustrations inspired me, and I always loved this illustration of model/singer/actress Grace Jones with her hair which rises up to there, in colors which pre-date, by decades, the similar hair colors and looks we see today.

Antonio worked from life, and some of his best work, all of which has stood the test of time, was of Jessica Lange, Jerry Hall, Pat Cleveland, Tina Chow and Grace Jones, as seen here in the 70s, in Paris. They were subject of a 1982 book I adore, Antonio’s Girls (Congreve Publishing, Text Christopher Hemphill. )

Antonio Lopez discovered Grace Jones in Paris, while both were dancing with others, she went on to fame as much for her adrogynous amazing look and hairstyles as for modeling or her music – and she was in movies like the 1985 James Bond movie, A View to Kill as May Day. For more from the book, click :

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