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Cool Half a Billion Dollar Hairdo - 2013


Harold Leighton sure knows how to work it. In 1970, while Creative Director at Harrods Beauty Salon in London, his hair was featured in an ad for Laurance Graff scattering  jewels all over “The Million Dollar Hair Do.”

Cut to 2013.  To celebrate his 60th year as Founder and Chairman, Graff has reproduced Leighton’s hair idea for an ad campaign featuring probably the most expensive hairdo ever –  with a “cool half a billion dollars’ worth of Graff Diamonds.” The ad, featuring 22 of the best baubles is now running everywhere, like in The New York Times and Wall Street Journal Sunday Magazines, and on the cover of Leighton’s local magazine, Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach, Florida.  See the 2013 photo right, the Leighton 1970 version top left, the current 2013 ad left center, the December 2013 Avenue Magazine cover bottom left.
To make your mouth water further, you can drool over the Graff Promotional Video for the half-billion dollar hairdo with the diamonds and jewels in big close up – click here  

Photo 2013 … Hair: Eamon Hughes, Model: Dalia Gunther, Photo: David Slijper…
Jewels: Graff Diamonds
Photo 1970 … Hair: Harold Leighton, Photo: Vic Singh …
Jewels: Laurence Graff



  1. Dec 29, 2013

    It is wonderful, Wendy. Some serious talent behind it. I can take credit
    for nothing except the collage and the story on this blog. Graf produced
    the video. Thanks.

  2. Dec 29, 2013

    This is the most beautiful video I have ever seen on hair artistry! Hair is Gorgeous, amazing! The jewelry is Stunning! The make-up is perfection. From beginning to the end, fabulous. Everyone who had a part creating this, Your hard work shows!! Wendy Scalora

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