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Hair Crimping Magic, NYFW Fall - 2016

Photos: Mark de Paola. Collage by

For the Naeem Khan Fall 2016 New York Fashion Week Show, Jon Reyman created hair crimping magic. First he sprayed on each section of hair, then crimped and 1/2″ curled opposite sections horizontally, brushed it out, then backcombed, shaped and pinned to style. The crimped hair, before it was brushed out, looked like something wonderful and could be a futuristic hair style all on it own. Or is it an 18th Century modern look? For more great hair and how-to’s from this dazzling show, click HERE

Hair: Jon Reyman, Aveda … Products: Aveda Control Force … Makeup: Gato, Maybelline … Photos: © Mark de Paola

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