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1 Decor - Photo Enhanced Later

Decor 1993

Cement Garden, extraordinary decor story
1 Creative Evening 1995

Sahag Creative Evenings 1995

Amazing hair at creative Evenings
1 Mayumi Honda

Sahag Wild Nights 1994-1997

Wild Creative Nights at John Sahag
1 IBS 2003

IBS NY 2003 - John Sahag

Futuristic Butterflies Fly
1 John Sahag Beaming Collage - 1996

Sahag Collages

Each photo in collages is separate on website
10 John Helen Love

Sahag Memories

John Sahag, The Other Side of The Man

More John Sahag.  Extraordinary salon decor story, text under each photo a must-read….creative evening photos from various Wednesday nights, some wild nights, hair by John Sahag and talented staff…futuristic butterflies fly at an International Beauty show extravaganza … John Sahag Collages by Pascalain Gianello and Helen Oppenheim (all photos are available separately in albums on this website, with more details and credits.) … Memories of John Sahag, the other side of the man.

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