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1A  Decor - Photo Enhanced Later

Decor 1993

Cement Garden, extraordinary decor story
1   Creative Evening 1995

Sahag Creative Evenings 1995

Amazing hair at creative Evenings
1   Mayumi Honda

Sahag Wild Nights 1994-1997

Wild Creative Nights at John Sahag
1   John Sahag Beaming Collage - 1996

Sahag Collages

Each photo in collages is separate on website
10  John Helen Love

Sahag Memories

John Sahag, The Other Side of The Man

More John Sahag. ¬†Extraordinary salon decor story, text under each photo a must-read….creative evening photos from various Wednesday nights, some wild nights, hair by John Sahag and talented staff…futuristic butterflies fly at an International Beauty show extravaganza … John Sahag Collages by Pascalain Gianello and Helen Oppenheim (all photos are available separately in albums on this website, with more details and credits.) … Memories of John Sahag, the other side of the man.

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