1 Irina 1997
2 Irina 1997
3 Irina 1997
4 Irina 1997
5 Irina 1997
6 Irina 1997
7 Irina 1997
8 Irina 1997
9 Irina 1997
10 Irina 1997
11 Irina 1997
12 Irina 1997
13 Irina 1997
14 Irina 1997

Eight John Sahag Press Release albums and photos with some innovative hair that influenced hair trends for years to come, and still do.  Workshop Launch in 1985  was all about the sideburn as never seen before…Gina, in 1986, with John Sahag’s cut, Sharon Dorram’s color – mystery, magic…Playful Sahag takes long hair to shorter with his famous dry cut, a technical step by step to see and read, with a playful Sahag…20″ dolls with hair as only John Sahag could do…famous model, Irina, in 1996, with a haircut and color inspired by the Manhattan skyline at night…Three part Rachel Saga, about saving  hair after chlorine ruined it.

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