La Coupe

La Coupe  Salons (1967 – 1993) were popular and innovative from 1974 until they closed  The photos on the Archives here are from the ’60s through almost to the mid-’90s and are highly inspirational.  Especially in the prolific ’70s, when the sheer amount of unique hair photos is almost mind-boggling, but also the work in all eras is worth a good look.  The talented staff can be as proud as I am of the fact that much of the work hasn’t dated and has stood the test of time enough to still inspire.  There were too many great hairdressers to mention here but you can see most of them in a collage on the website.   The logo above was also used for the hair care products, which survive even if the great logo hasn’t.



  1. Jun 11, 2013

    What a lovely Comment. La Coupe was just about the most innovative in the world for a brief Camelot period. It might even take longer than September. Thanks for being so into all the work, and the Bravo.

  2. Jun 11, 2013

    Helen, I read all the La Coupe Bio’s. It brought back so many memories of the importance of their Fabulous historic work. I was very young when La Coupe was told to me to learn everything I could get my hands on. WOW…The website you designed is spectacular. I think maybe by September, I will get through all of your work. Bravo to you…I had no idea.

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