1 The Mary Johnston
2 The Chignon Cut
3 Long Layered
4 Longuette - Midi Cut for Midi Lengths
5 Long Layered
6 The Frizzie Lizzie
7 The Cloche Cut
8 The Shape
9 Hot Pants
10 HotCut for HotPants
11 HotCut for HotPants
12 Waterfall
13 Mini Braids
14 Hair Sculpture
15 Space Age Hair Sculpture
16 Bob with 'V'
17 Mars
18 Mars
19 The MoonLighter
20 The MoonLighter Wig 1969
21 The Orbit
22 The Orbit

La Coupe’s hair in the late ’60s.  The first long layered look, space-age hair influenced by the moon landing in 1969, photos, sketches.  Inspirational hair then and now.

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