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1  Art Deco 1974

Art Deco 1974

The Art Deco, 20s styles in 1974.
1 Détente 1974

Détente 1974

Russia's Detente/Chinatown, wide, waves
4  Sleeper 1975

Sleeper 1975

The first crimping in modern era, wide hair
3  French Braiding 1976

French Braiding 1976

The first French Braiding in the modern era.
1  Olympics 1976

Olympics 1976

La Coupe's Hair Olympiad, 1976
1 10th Birthday Cut

10th Birthday 1977

Soft, longer front, new texture movements.
2   Zig-Zag 1977

Zig Zag 1977

Zig-Zags, "Zisps", "Ziggles", "Zuperman"
5  Wisp Cut/Gamine 1977

Wisp Cuts Short 1977

Short wisp cuts, a gamine, feather head
1  Wisp Cuts for Superstars 1977

Wisp Cuts Long 1977

Long wisp cuts and chignon
3  The Toronto Collection 1977

The Toronto Collection 1977

Hassle-free hair with ruffles, frills, high necks
1  Hat Chignons 1978

Hat Chignons 1978

Chignons like hats...with "ratz" pads.
1  Wave Cut

Wave Cut 1978

The first layered bob, by Kim Lepine
1 Ritz Wrapz 1979

Ritz Wrapz 1979

Long hair wrapped with ritzy wired fabrics
1  Bottoms Up! 1975

Bottoms Up! Halo Hair - 70s

Bottoms Up! Halo Hair. For L'Oreal.
3  Top Model Hair - 1977

Top Model Hair - 1977

Anne Holbrooke - Famous Face, Wisps, Mirrors

La Coupe’s innovative hair from the 70’s. These albums are a must-see full of exciting and original  hair ideas, many not dated at all.  Art Deco, Détente, Sleeper, French Braiding, The 1976 Olympics, 10th Birthday Cut, Zig-Zag partings, Wisp Cuts, Hat Chignons, Wave Cut Bob, Ritz-Wrapz, Bottoms Up! Halo Hair, The Toronto Collection, and Top Model hair with wisps, all from the prolific ’70s.



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    • Sep 28, 2012

      Thank you, I do, too. Miss it.

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