1 Romance/WavyBob 1988
2 Romance/Wavy Bob 1988
3 Romance/Wavy Bob 1988
4 Romance/Wavy Bob 1988
5 Romance/Wavy Bob 1988 (Proof)
6 Romance/Pearls in Hair 1988
7 Romance/Tender Tendrils 1988

La  Coupe in the 80s with chic to  cheek,  Dancing Hair, 1986 inspired by Ginger Rogers in “Top Hat”… Tara, 1987, inspired by “Gone With The Wind” with ringlets and tiny frill waves…Angel Hair, a brilliant oh so simple texture mix in 1987…Boudoir Hair also in 1987, all wigs…Romance 1988, tendrils, pearls in the hair and wavy bob. Some great color photos in all albums.

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