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1 Lollipop Curls 1993
2 Lollipop Curls 1993
3 Lollipop Wrap 1993
4 Lollipop Wrap 1993
5Lollipop Cut 1993
6 Lollipop Polish 1993
7 Lollipop Style 1993

Musical Hair, Waif and Painted Gamine, details how to do, 1992  …  La Coupe in 1993:  Impressive, inspirational Creative Evening at La Coupe with 20s flapper bobs accessorized with bandeaux,  jewelry, very Gatsby…also scattered rose petals and a wig of wood shavings … Lollipop curls and how to do them, on a 16 year old …. Magritte inspirations, with respect to René Magritte, sketches inspired by the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s exhibition.

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