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Photo: © Barry Lategan

Photo: © Barry Lategan

A Belle Epoque kind of look in this famous photo published in British Vogue, 1983. Harry King, who did this great hair remembers:  “We were supposed to go to India for this sitting but the visas didn’t come through,  We all shot up with antibiotics for the trip and got a swollen arm!   We did the ‘trip” in Lategan’s studio in NY.  It was Maria’s first job as a model and she was terrified. One of the most creative experiences. It won the Kodak award in UK for best editorial.”     For more on and by WorldGreat Harry King, click:

Hair by Harry King.  Makeup:  Rose Bonomo …  Model: Maria Von Hartz … Photo: © Barry Lategan for British Vogue, 1983 …   Editor: Grace Coddington.

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