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Serge Lutens, Christian Dior, 1973

Photos/Sketches: Serge Lutens, Christian Dior, 1973

This is an article I wrote and produced for The Gazette, a daily newspaper in Montreal way back in 1973, when I produced full page very visual beauty articles almost every week.

What is so special about this is? First I interviewed the great Serge Lutens, perhaps the most famous makeup artist in the world at that time, when he was the Christian Dior Makeup Designer. Secondly, because I was honored he offered to draw some sketches overnight just for me. “Try to make your own million dollar face,” he wrote on top. The sketches are charming. And wonderful, as is the shape of his lips of the moment, which I featured big. Dior loved this article and featured it in the most prestigious places. I have these original sketches, somewhere in my archives. and his press release photos as in the article. Serge Lutens came to Montreal to launch Dior’s latest makeup line at the Holt Renfrew Department Store where he gave advice in the cosmetic department the next day. He had just come from NY where the Guggenheim Museum had opened an exhibition of his Makeup Art (adaptations from famous art periods and artists.)

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