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Vidal Sassoon Check

Vidal Sassoon Check 1979

Memoribilia.  Innovative, inspirational idea.   I’ve never see a check like this 1979 heirloom check sent to me when I was in-house PR and Creative Director for Vidal Sassoon Salons USA and had an office in The Galleria on East 57th Street, near the NY Salon.  This copy of the check covered expenses for a typewriter ($100) … $37.84 for a trip I made to other Sassoon Salons –  from NY to LA to San Francisco and back to NY … $16.21 for deliveries, which I think must have been deliveries of staples to my office refrigerator for entertaining.  The hair on the check is a very famous signature Vidal Sassoon cut, The Box Bob, by Fumio Kawashima, I think in 1976.  Photographer: John Swanell.


  1. Apr 25, 2014

    Such a great idea I’ve kept the check for over 30 years! Yes, we understood about image. Thanks for Comment, Joe.

  2. Apr 25, 2014

    Dear Helen.
    Thanks to yourself and Lawence Taylor we at Sassoon’s were always represented by people who thought about Image first. I as Predident and CEO and joint founder of the products company with Don Sullivan and Vidal, always protected and supported great ideas like this one where even the checks were Image oriented. By June of 79 we where writing over 12,000 checks a year and they were computer generated. My signature as CEO and President was on Top and Martin Nason as CFO was on Bottum.
    This was great to see Thanks Helen
    Joe Solomon

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