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Helen Cuts John Sahag's Hair! - 1985

Photo: © Seijie Kakazaki

Just before John Sahag opened his first Workshop, on 53rd Street, we were getting ready to photograph the great décor. I said to John your hair needs to be cut before the photographer arrives. He said, you cut it. I laughed, said that I’d never cut hair before.   John Sahag took off his shirt, put on a salon gown, gave me his scissors and said – cut. I did. But must admit only the back, he did the front himself. Only John Sahag would trust a non-hairdresser to cut his hair. But he wanted me to become one. And, 10 years later, when asked by a journalist who was the hairdresser he admired the most, he paused, thought carefully, and said “Helen Oppenheim.” I nearly fell through the floor, I realized, of course, he didn’t want to name any competition, but it was still a highly flattering remark from the great John Sahag.   This from a new album called Memories, just up, click HERE

Photo by Seijie Kakazaki

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