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Helen With Some Hair WorldGreats - 2013


Here I am out and about in 2013, a very lucky lady, with some of the top, best, greatest hair WorldGreats of our era. Top left: With Edward Tricomi at the opening of his new downtown Warren-Tricomi Salon … Top center: With Peter Gray backstage at Badgley Mischka’s Spring 2014 NY Fashion Week show … Top right: Peter Gray with signature comb in mouth, Helen laughing her head off at goodness knows what as he applies  Morrocanoil Root Boost magic.  Center left: With Kim Lepine at a La Coupe 2013 bridge-mending reunion … Center right: With Ezel (center) and Harry King (right) at Harry’s 2013 annual ’70s/’80s reunion party … Bottom left: With Charles Booth, owner of La Coupe Salons 1967 to 1993  at the reunion …Bottom right: With Oribe of Oribe Hair Products and Salon  after the Fall Intercoiffure Gala Event – the  next WorldGreat to come on the website.

You can see their innovative, inspirational wonderful work on the website.  Edward Tricomi, Peter Gray, Ezel, Harry King on WorldGreats … Peter Gray and Edward Tricomi also on NY Fashion Weeks … For Charles Booth and Kim Lepine go to HairThen La Coupe 60s-90s … and Oribe is to coming soon, stay tuned … to

Photos: With Edward Tricomi by David Christopher Lee/Destination Luxury … With Peter Gray by David Webber

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