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Helmut Newton Book - 1984

Photo: © Helmut Newton

I wrote the press release, bio and photo cut-lines for Helmut Newton’s provocative thriller of a book, Women Without Men, published by  Xavier Moreau in 1984.  I called him at his home in Monte Carlo
and amongst the questions I asked  him was: Do you mind if I call you the “King of Kink” in the press release, as Time Magazine called you. “I love it,” he replied.

Here is one of my favorite photos, seldom seen, from the book.  Surely it is the most intriguing kiss photo ever.

I have always loved and been inspired by so many  photos by the world-infamous fashion photographer and am proud to present some of them from his book with some of his wonderful words on my website (go to Icons on

French Vogue, 1976, Paris … Fashions: Gilles du Four Marie-Martine … Fur: Bealieu … Photo: © Helmut Newton

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